Ability Panel
Item Type Power-up
First Appearance Super Mario: Panel Panic
Latest Appearance Super Mario: Panel Panic
Gives players abilities of other enemies.

Ability Panels are new items that debut in Super Mario: Panel Panic. They contain the abilities of different enemies in the game, and will give the player those same powers when used.



List of Ability Panels

Three Ability Panels are confirmed upon the Fantendo 8th Anniversary Showcase. As seen in the gallery below, Ability Panels will be rounded squares.

Koopa Troopa Ability Panel SMPP
Koopa Troopa Panel: This panel allows the player to turn into a shell-like form, like the Blue Shell in New Super Mario Bros. They can use it to break bricks and kill enemies.
Piranha Plant Ability Panel SMPP
Piranha Plant Panel: This allows the player to transform into a Piranha Plant, although they are still mobile. They can chop up enemies just like using the Potted Piranha Plant.
Magikoopa Ability Panel SMPP
Magikoopa Panel: The panel allows the player to use magic to attack enemies. Each blast has the effect of a Fire Flower.
Boo Ability Panel SMPP
Boo Panel: The panel works similarly to a Boo Mushroom in that it allows the player to go through walls. They can also go through enemies, but the player cannot touch any light source.
Lakitu Ability Panel SMPP
Lakitu Panel: This panel allows the player to take on a cloud briefly, similarly to the Cloud Flower, and drop Spinies on the course below. Some can be used strategically.


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