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Abel Koopa
Abel's redesign as of October 23rd, 2016
Full Name Abel Koopa
Current Age 16
Date of Birth June 27, 2000
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species Soulless Koopa
Location Aiva Universe
Align Evil
Current Status Alive, but soulless
Class High
None (most likely Aivalings)
Family and Relations
A.S. Forte (creator and rival)
Nationality Aivalings
Ethnicity Irish
Height 5'2''
Weight 117 lbs.
Sexuality Asexual
First Appearance A.S. Forte
Series A.S. Forte

Abel Koopa, or simply just Abel, is a soulless koopa of his former human self. Due to this, he hates everything and cannot comprehend what love and compassion is.


Abel looks very similar to his former self, only he's a cyan Koopa with no shell with a blue head and 3 fangs.


Pre-A.S. Forte

Many years before the events of A.S. Forte, Abel had a strong hate for Aiva, A.S.'s former self. He knew he shouldn't trust her, which his thought came true, as he was transformed into a Koopa because of her. Aiva took his soul, since Aiva was depressed and cannot feel love because of her mental illness. Aiva, however did not remove his memory, as he is the only one that remembers Aiva transforming into A.S. and that she was the one that made him who he now is. A.S. blasted the Aivalings to different areas in the Aiva Universe.

During A.S. Forte

Abel is the main antagonist of the game. Living 16 years, soulless, Abel finally meets up with A.S., and has a flashback of his former self. She escapes him. Abel tells Matthew that Aiva is A.S., as Matthew remembers who he once was and teams up with him. Since Abel tried to kill the rest of the Aivalings, none of them trust him because he is pure evil in the game.


  • Abel is mostly inspired by Flowey from Undertale
    • Though Abel was forced to become his soulless self
  • Abel is a recreation of a recolored version from 2015, which was a complete fail and the deletion of the original page.
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