Abby Smith
Abby m
Abby on community service
Current Age 1
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Wertham
Current Status Alive
The Community Centre
Family and Relations
Laura (creator)
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Height 1.75m
First Appearance S04E06
Latest Appearance S05E08
You're not gonna bloody believe this. *walks in with a golf sale sign* There's no golf sale. I've been standing out there for two weeks holding this poxy sign, and I go to collect my wages, there's no golf sale.
Abby, S05E08

Abby is an imaginary community service worker, put on community service for pretending to be on community service. She was created by Laura as an imaginary friend.


Misfits: Wertham Warfare

Abby is an unlockable character in Wertham Warfare. She is unlocked by completing story mode as the ASBO Five.