Abba, the false Abaddon
Full Name Abba
Gender Female
Location Percivus?
Current Status Stopping the Fantendoverse from shattering.
Class Hero
Abaddon II
First Appearance Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture

Abba (also known as Abbadon) is a character that debuted in Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture and is the "mother" of both Reese and Reese II, with her DNA being used to create both. As such, they are technically clones, but their genetic differences are too great to be considered as such.


Not much is known about Abba other than the fact she was on Percivus when Abaddon was trapped inside. Abba was brainwashed (with a knife that used scars over the eye to brainwash) and gave DNA to create a Catalyst named Reese. During the events of Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture, she was knocked out and became free of her brainwashing, joining the fight to stop Abaddon.

She later appeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered in somewhat of a key role.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She attack with her robes; using dark magic she found in books in Abaddon's cave prison she can expand them and distort them into different weapon shapes such as a claw or scythe.



Reese IIEdit