New Job is the first volume in The Eldritch Slayer series of AbOmInAtIoNs. It stars Nelson Chaos as he gets a new job as a destroyer of the strange creatures prowling the lands.


The New Job

Nelson Chaos was working at an Inn when, after booking a room to some strange green gentlemen, they proceeded to destroy the town. As it turns out, the green men were Eldritch Abominations who were using their room as a planning place. The owner of the Inn gave Nelson a new job as punishment for causing the chaos: he would have to slay the Eldritches that popped up now and then. Nelson journeyed to his family's cemetery and received a sharp, sword-like thing from his grandfather's spirit. Next he saw an Eldritch attacking the town so he went to fight it, but the sword's powers were hard to control. Nelson mastered the idea of telescoping the sword to the right length and defeated the Eldritch and therefore saving the town. He then walked off to find more to defeat.


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