Full Name Aaliyah
Date of Birth February 20
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location TBA.
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Syron (friends)
Main Weapon(s) Umbrella
Height 5'5"
First Appearance Shrines
Latest Appearance Shrines
Aaliyah is one of the main characters in Shrines. She is a heroic character and is unlocked through completing a mission in the story. She later returns in the crossover Hypnotic Shrines: Freaks of Nature. She also appears in the Ziama Prime title, Dimensional Destruction.



Aaliyah is your normal average person. She is rather street smart, and is very aware of when people are lying to her. She does find it hard to trust others, but with enough familiarity and decency, she will trust others. It does affect her heavily when the trust is broken between her and someone else, which can make her feel very depressed or upset than usual.


Aaliyah doesn't have any talents or supernatural abilities, but she does have her umbrella. She can use her umbrella as a melee weapon to hit people, or she can use the weather to gain extra strength with her umbrella. Her umbrella can also be combined with other elements such as noxious gas in order to create extra conditions like poison.



Aaliyah is a very mixed character. She isn't the most offensive character, but is great when it comes to defence. She can use her umbrella to give herself more space and to keep enemies away from her, however, she can also use it to send enemies flying across the stage too, and if there are field conditions active, then she could kill a lot of enemies at one time.

Hypnotic Shrines: Freaks of Nature

Dimensional Destruction



  • She is the seventh revealed hero in Shrines.