a very Newspaper Dedede Christmas
Developer(s) Waddle Doink
Publisher(s) Waddle Doink
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
December 25, 2013
4 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Disk

A Very Newspaper Dedede Christmas is an upcoming game for the wii u. It is a multiplayer platformer game, and the 3rd in the Newspaper Dedede  series. 


Newspaper Dedede is in his house, in the summer, drinking some iced tea, when suddenly, snow falls from the sky! Newspaper Dedede didn't like snow because it was wet, messy, and it meant... The Christmas tree monster was coming back! Newspaper Dedede gathered Waddle Doink  and went out to the snowy Fields! After his first trip didn't go so well, Waddle doink recruted some new members, Kikachu and mr. Mustache guy! 


There are only five worlds in this game. 

Boss Item Secret boss
Frozen fields Rudolph  Frozen hammer Rudolph X
icy hills Snowman Red hot boots Abominable snowman
Crystal mountan Ice charged Kracko Emerald hat Kracko X
Bitter clouds Possesed micheal Jackson Evil minian Micheal Jackson
The snowman The Christmas tree monster Zap Portal Santa

Note: Micheal Jackson is stronger when not possesed.

After You beat the game, the snow starts to melt, and Newspaper Dedede,Waddle Doink, and everyone else cheer! But then, the zap portal opens and the crew gets stuck inside an alternate demension where it always snows! The only way to get out is by destroying santa, the power source of the portal. So our heros (If that's what you want to call them) redo there adventure, but this time, it's harder!


After Santa is beaten, Newspaper Dedede destroys Santa for good,but when Waddle Doink says: "Wait! Newspaper Dedede! We can't destroy Christmas! It's when everyone gets together and-" Newspaper Dedede didn't want to here cheesy stories so he decides to make a deal with Santa. He says: If you take us out of here, and let us come in whenever we want, I won't kill you. Of coarse, Santa agreed. so that's when the journey ends.


Newspaper Dedede christmas

The Logo for the game

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