This is the transcript for A Spy's Duty, the fourth episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side.


The episode starts in Blaze's brain, with a few small versions of her panicking.
Blaze #1: What're we gonna do, Nina knows that Blaze is a spy!
Blaze #2: Well, that's what she gets for doing spy shit at a fucking Christmas party!
The Blazes end up having an argument which leads to one of them slamming a file cabinet against the bottom of Blaze's brain, which causes her to wake up. She goes to a wall in her room, bringing out an eye scanner. She scans her eye and her room becomes a headquarters of sorts.
Agent: Uh, hey, Zednik. I thought you quit the agency?
Blaze: I did. They don't know that I still use this.
While the agent and Blaze are chatting, Jerry knocks on Blaze's door, causing her to abruptly end her call with the agent.

Jerry: So what was with the sudden panic when I knocked on the door?
Blaze: Oh, uh, i-it was nothing.
Blaze chuckles nervously as they head back to the headquarters. Upon arriving, they find Jess sleeping on the ground with a wine bottle in her hand. While Jerry decides to go and get a drink, Blaze pulls a syringe out and walks over to Jess.
Blaze: Slowly, slowly...
Blaze steps on a cheese puff, which causes Jess wake up and see Blaze with her syringe. Jess screams.
Jess: What the fuck?! (repeated about 5 times)
Blaze: I sensed this'd fucking happen!
Jess goes to extreme measures and puts a telekinetic "death grip" on Blaze's brain.
Jess: Tell me what the fuck you're hiding right fucking now!
Blaze: I'm not hiding anything!
Jess's grip on Blaze's brain gets more tight the more she doesn't say anything, causing her to scream in agony.
Blaze: Okay! ...I'm a spy.
Blaze then suddenly passes out.

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