A Nutty Adventure: The Squavacado Genocide is a game created by Overclocked as part of Series Swap Day.


A Nutty Adventure: The Squavacado Genocide is similar to the gameplay seen in Fire Emblem. The game is a turn based tactical role playing game, where the player must move their characters within a grid. The game involves moving characters into positions in order to attack the opposing side, or defend against their attacks. Characters possess a certain number of health points; when attacked, they are subtracted, and the character is defeated on losing them all. Battles are typically won by attacking the opposing side until all enemy characters have lost all of their health points. Players can also create their own "Squavacado" aka their own avatar.


In the distant future, the player avatar and Squav face off a giant cyborg baby named ☠☠☠☠baby. After defeating him, ☠☠☠☠baby's soul overtakes the player and kills Squav.

The player avatar awakens in a tree. They meet Squav and Sabracado who help them up. They learn that Advocado City is under attack by a mysterious force called the Neriods.

After defeating the Neriods, Sqauv and the others learn about the neighboring kingdom of Bullisol's plan to attack them. After arriving there with the troops, Squav takes out King Acoros.

3 Years Later

The player avatar has non-stop nightmares of a red eye in the abyss staring at them. The player avatar discovers that some how King Acoros has been revived.

Playable Characters

Name Description Element
Sqauv Squav is the leader of the Squavacados. He wields a sword known as Exulbore and holds his Light powers in his amulet. Light
Player Avatar (Jerima) Created by the player as a unit. Variable
Castacado Castacado is the head sorceress of Squavacado Forest. She has the Warlock's Wand, containing very strong Magic. Magic
Avary Avary is a little Squavacado girl. She bears a baton, with the power to shoot Fire. Fire
Shayde Shayde is a Squavacado who has been cursed with the powers of Darkness. He has a hammer made of pure Darkness. He is playable after you complete The Darklands. Darkness
Vanderice A Squavacado that has the powers to control ice. He bears the sigil of the frost house and is very tough, like a bear. Ice
Basil A Squavacado who is blind as a bat and wears two eyepatches. He has posion claws which he uses to attack. Toxin
Molithas A Squadvacado that can fly with her wing like arms. She comes from an exclusive family that has evolved to glide. She can spin in a tornado and attack. Wind
Themscaria A sorceress with evilish intentions. She wants no part of King Acoros's plan to wipe out the entire kingdom of Squavacado. Darkness
Unten Secret character obtained in a paralogue. Uses Lightning to attack. Lightning

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