There are 160 playable characters in A Non-Meme Title, excluding DLC. Many of these characters have been a part of EpicLlamaSwag42's history.


Icon / Name Description Series
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar didn't have that much screen time, giving him a limited movepool. He can use a light saber, a laser gun, and of course, set up traps. Star Wars

Alexx Calise
Alexx Calise uses darkness to attack, as well as some electricity. She's among the most balanced characters stats-wise.

She is unlocked by playing 20 matches as The Crimson Curse.


Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande relies mostly on combos and attack chains. She can fire blasts of magic, launch missiles from her chest, and turn enemies to stone for a while. Reality

Astroblast uses a laser gun to attack. He can also fling space rocks, kick, summon alien sheep, create light force fields, and ride in the Sun Runner.

He is unlocked by playing 20 matches as Skylanders characters.

Skylanders Superchargers

Audrey II
Audrey II, being a Venus fly trap, can attack by biting. He can also summon vines and mini plants to strangle opponents, much like Plant Man.

He is unlocked by beating him in story mode.

Little Shop of Horrors

Avril Lavigne
Avril has some strange attacks. She can use spray paint, a skateboard, and the buzzsaw guitar from the Rock n Roll music video.

She is unlocked by playing 10 matches as The Crimson Curse.

Baby Pink Gold Peach
Baby Pink Gold Peach can turn fighters into immobile metal version of themselves. She can also use various Mario Kart items in combat.

She is unlocked by winning 10 online matches.

Mario Kart 8
SU Icon Batman
Batman uses all sorts of technology is his utility belt, including the Batarang and an enemy scanner. He's more power in midair than he is on land.

He is unlocked by playing through 25% of story mode.

Bayonetta can use her four guns to attack, as well as using Wicked Weaves to summon demon limbs. She can also slow down time and turn into multiple bats.

She is unlocked by playing 20 matches as Daddy Sakurai.

Bender Bending Rodríguez
Bender can attack by stretching his limbs and punching. He can also use many kinds of futuristic tech, including lasers and a jetpack. Futurama

Big Nate
Big Nate can attack by throwing paper airplanes and Cheez Doodles. The downside to him is that he's a light character with poor defense.

He is unlocked by completing 75% of story mode.

Big Nate
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher has some strange attacks. Strange as in he actually warps reality and uses the craziest of magic. He's a tough nut to crack, with all of his stats being either high or average.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches with other unlockable characters.

Gravity Falls
Black Mage
Black Mage attacks using all sorts of black magic from the Final Fantasy games. He's the Black Mage, what else do you expect?

He is unlocked by playing through half of story mode.

Final Fantasy

Black Rhino Ranger
Hailing from Malaysia, this guy can use guns, grenades, and even flamethrowers to attack. He can also summon Rhino and Dile and his other cartoon characters. DeviantArt/YouTube
SU Icon Bowser
Bowser plays like his Smash incarnation, using his fire breath and his brute strength. He's good at nearly everything, with recovery and heaviness being his weak point. Super Mario

Brentalfloss uses various power-ups from the Mario series. He can use the Super Star to turn invincible, or the Fire Flower to shoot fireballs.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Pac-Man.


Broccoli Guy
Broccoli Guy is an expert healer who comes in handy in team battles. In single player, he's a weak character that attacks by swinging his staff and using life magic. Skylanders Trap Team

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee fights as you would expect him to: using kung fu. He's a light character, meaning he doesn't have that much going for him in terms of defense.

He is unlocked by beating All-Star with 30 characters.


Captain Crunch
After winning many times in Sanguine Uprising, Captain Crunch settled off to find a new all-star fighting tourney. He can throw or stab with utensils, and flood the stage in milk.

He is unlocked by playing 100 matches with characters that are in Sanguine Uprising.

Captain Crunch
Captain falcon
Captain Falcon
I think we all know what this guy does, but here you go anyway. He uses the Falcon Punch, Falcon Kick, Knee of Justice, Heel of Shame, and many other memetic attacks. F-Zero

Captain Planet
Captain Planet is an air fighter who uses earth, wind, fire, and water to attack. He can also create tornadoes of both water vapor and lava, as well as use heart magic. Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Centaur Man
Centaur Man
Centaur Man can attack using the Centaur Arrow. He can also freeze time with the Centaur Flash, although he cannot attack while the Centaur Flash is active.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Saturn.

Mega Man 6

Chadtronic can attack by throwing amiibo, shooting Pepsi from a Nerf Super Soaker, and releasing music notes with a kazoo. He can also summon a hungry Nanalan. YouTube
Chain Chomp
This Mario mook can attack by whipping his chain, biting, charging, and turning into a slow rolling ball. And he can also attack by screaming "Dammit!" Super Mario
Charizard attacks by using various Fire-type Pokémon moves. Not all of them are Fire-type though, including Fly and Rock Smash.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Goomy.


Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken's primary weapon is an arm cannon because why the frick not. He can also turn into his various characters, each using attacks from their respective movies.

He is unlocked by clearing All-Star mode with 10 characters.

SU Icon Cloud
Cloud Strife
Cloud plays like his Smash incarnation, using his Buster Sword. His other moves have returned as well, such as Climhazzard, Blade Beam, and Limit Break. Final Fantasy 7

Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders can attack by throwing spicy chicken wings and summoning chickens to attack. He can also deep fry his very opponents. That is the very definition of "ouch".

He is unlocked by clearing Classic Mode with 50 characters.

SU Icon Corrin
Corrin can turn into a dragon, morph his limbs into lances, and generate tidal waves. Just like in Fire Emblem, Sm4sh, and Sanguine Uprising, you can also choose a female Corrin. Fire Emblem

Couy is a kid who isn't afraid to get salty over his and other's opinions. He attacks using dead memes, toilets, GoAnimate characters, and pranks. Fantendo/Various other wikis

The Crimson Curse
Llama's favorite person in the Bad Blood video and with good reasoning. Her main attacks include martial arts and throwing shurikens.

If she is on the same team as Pac-Man, she can team up with him to create new attacks, including swinging Pac-Man around like a ball and chain, and slashing with a giant key.

The Bad Blood music video

Daddy Sakurai
Daddy Sakurai is a tricky character with many different moves. These include summoning Kirby characters, nerfing the opponent for a while, making the opponent trip, and calling down the Hype Train. Super Smash Bros.
Daisy attacks by using mechanics from the sports, kart, and party spin-off titles. She also uses flower magic for a few of her attacks. Super Mario

Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito doesn't have that much variety in terms of his moveset. He uses punches, but he can also transform into Detective Pikachu. Reality

David Bowie
In memory of the late David Bowie, we have given him a slot in this game. He attacks with a bowie knife, as well as summoning a UFO to abduct opponents.

He is unlocked by clearing Classic Mode with 20 characters.

Deadpool has a lot of attacks. He uses katanas, guns, and he can even break the fourth wall to receive a health boost from the player.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Iron Man.


Death the Kid's primary weapons are his two guns, but he can do much more. When he goes True Shinigami, you better watch out.

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the Death Weapon Meister Academy stage.

Soul Eater
Dio Brando
Dio Brando
Dio Brando is a powerful character who can ride on a steamroller to increase his attack. However, he doesn't have that many projectile attacks and he can barely recover. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Dipper and Mabel
Dipper and Mabel work together to attack just like some duos in Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion. They attack with various elements of Gravity Falls episodes. Gravity Falls

Dive Man
Dive Man can fire Dive Missiles as expected. He can also turn into a giant torpedo and charge forward. He's the only fighter who can attack while swimming.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Mega Man characters.

Mega Man 4

Donald Drumpf
This guy makes a far better meme lord than he does a president. Donald Drumpf can set up walls to use as shields, as well as summon eagles to attack opponents (and him as well).

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches.

Donkey kong.png
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong plays like his Smash incarnation, but he also uses attacks from Donkey Kong 64 and Skylanders Superchargers via custom movesets. If you expected an Expand Dong joke, too bad.

He is unlocked by playing 20 matches as Pac-Man.

Donkey Kong
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario plays like his Smash incarnation, but he can be given new attacks with custom moves. This include setting his hair on fire with Fever and stabbing with a giant syringe. Dr. Mario

Dreamcatcher can attack by sending out dream tornadoes filled with sheep, creating a dream vortex, and putting opponents to sleep. She's a floaty character with good recovery.

She is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Skylanders characters.

Skylanders Trap Team

Dry Bowser
Dry Bowser is heavier but slower than his skinned counterpart. He attacks by summoning Dry Bones, breathing blue fire, and lobbing pieces of himself.

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the Grumble Volcano stage.

Super Mario
The Duane
The Duane's primary attacks are dancing and flailing his arms, but he has more than that. He can summon various Vinesauce memes. He's a light character, however. Everything is Terrible/Vinesauce
Duck hunt duo.png
Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt attacks by using moves from old NES games. The duo can kick exploding cans, summon Wild Gunmen, fling Clay Pigeons, and shoot with an NES Zapper.

They are unlocked by playing 10 matches as Dr. Mario.

Duck Hunt

Dunban, much like Riki, Shulk, and Reyn, using his attacks from his home game. He can even use Visions like Shulk can.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Reyn.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Duncan can attack using a chainsaw. He can also use the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom to attack. His downside is that carrying a chainsaw makes him pretty slow compared to other characters.

He in unlocked by winning 30 online matches.

Total Drama
Eighth World 1-1 Goomba
The definition of a joke character, this guy is a well-respected member of the Goomba community. It attacks by summoning other Goombas to attack for it, as well as turning into a larger Goomba.

It is unlocked by clearing the Super Mario portion of story mode.

Super Mario

Emily Axford
Emily's attacks include explosive Kirby amiibos, Bowser shells, Lenny Face boomerangs, Darth Vader on the toilet, spooky scary skeletons that pop out, and a cannon that shoots out Mitt Romneys. No, I'm not smoking anything. CollegeHumor

Eminem can attack by using strange distorted moves like Bill Cipher. He can also teleport and heal himself by eating mom's spaghetti.

He is unlocked by clearing story mode.


Enigma can use his Traptanium sigil to whack opponents, pound the ground, and summon mini eyeballs. He can also turn invisible and even freeze time.

He is unlocked by clearing the Skylanders portion of Story Mode.

Skylanders Trap Team

Escargoon attacks by whacking opponents with bags filled with money. He can also hide in his shell and use King Dedede's sledgehammer. Kirby: Right Back At Ya

Etika can attack by screaming incredibly loud and by throwing Shadow Balls. He can also summon a living custom Etika amiibo to attack foes. Super Smash Bros.

FFBBDDHH is a Pokémon from a very distance generation in the future, notorious for its long name. It attacks by slamming down its eight body segments.

It is unlocked by playing 125 matches.


Fire Kraken
Fire Kraken can use his glowstick staff to attack, as well as launch fireworks with his tail, breathe fire, and turn into a giant Chinese dragon. Skylanders Swap Force

Flame Hyenard
Flame Hyenard attacks are all burning opponents to the ground. Of course, since all of his attacks are fire-based, he's weak to water attacks.

He is unlocked by playing a match as at least 20 characters.

Mega Man X7

Fred Fredburger
Forget the Eighth Goomba, THIS is a joke character. He attack by throwing nachos, farting, throwing nachos, burping, and did we mention throwing nachos?

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the Underworld stage.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury has an large arsenal of attacks, all related to Queen songs. He can summon a tiger defying the laws of gravity, or send shivers down your spine.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Weird Al Yankovic.


Freeze Man
Freeze Man attacks with the obvious Freeze Cracker. He can also use other ice weapons, including the Ice Slasher, Blizzard Attack, Ice Wave, and Chill Spike.

He is unlocked by playing 50 matches as Mega Man characters.

Mega Man 7

Frodo Baggins
Frodo is a weak character, despite his heavy arsenal of weapons. He is, however, a fast character who can escape from combos.

He is unlocked by winning 40 matches online.

Lord of the Rings

Gaara uses all of his abilities in this game, including his sand-based powers and his ninjitsu. He's not too good at recovery, however.

He is unlocked by beating Boss Rush with 20 characters.

Gaben is a trollish director who uses the various TF2 weapons to attack. He can also call down a crashed Hype Train, similar to Daddy Sakurai.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Heavy.

Half-Life 3
Gaijin Goombah Smashified by Obsessor23
Gaijin Goombah
Gaijin Goombah is a member of the Game Theorists. He attacks using weapons from his most successful videos, such as the Napalm Bomb and the Mirror Shield.

He is unlocked by playing 50 matches as Super Mario characters.


Galaxy Man
Galaxy Man can fire lasers and Black Hole Bombs. He can also turn into a UFO to travel quicker and hover in midair. Since he's weak to concrete, he's an air fighter. Mega Man 9

Gandalf can switch between his gray and white forms. Gandalf the Gray is a powerful attacker, while Gandalf the White is useful for speed and countering.

He is unlocked by clearing Boss Rush on Hard.

Lord of the Rings
569Garbodor Dream
Garbodor attacks by using many different Poison-type Pokémon moves. He can also fling bits of the garbage inside of his body at opponents.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Pokémon characters.

Garnet plays like your average brawler, using her iron fists to attack. She can also split into Ruby and Sapphire and use combo moves to attack. Steven Universe

George Washington
George Washington uses many classic American weapons, such as a musket, an axe, and a sword. He can also summon patriots to shoot down opponents. Reality

Golden Queen
Golden Queen can use her staff to create golden turrets, beams, and strikes. She can also grow giant and punch her opponents, as well as summon skeleton minions. Skylanders Trap Team
Goomy is a character with high defense stats, but low attack and speed. He can stretch his slimy body to attacks, as well as use moves such as Dragon Breath and Bubble. Pokémon
Grand Dad
Grand Dad, being a bootleg, often glitches out, which can either make attacks deal massive damage or no damage at all. He attacks using a caveman club, as well as fireballs.

He is unlocked by playing 30 matches as Sponge.

Greninja yendo alts
Greninja plays like his Smash incarnation, but custom movesets can give him new moves. These include moves like Lick, Water Sport, and Mat Block.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Daddy Sakurai.

Groose is a slow but strong character who can use the Groosenator to hurl Bomb Flowers. He also uses various Skyward Sword weapons, such as clawshots and beetles. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Guy Smiley
He's America's favorite game show host! Guy Smiley uses a few luck-based attacks, which can either do little damage or result in an instant kill.

He is unlocked by playing 50 matches.

Sesame Street

Hall and Oates
Hall and Oates aren't the best attackers, but they can work together to combo opponents. They can also make their opponents nightmares come true, as opposed to their dreams.

They are unlocked by playing 50 team battles.


Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana can sing at a loud volume, as well as completely defy time itself. She uses time powers to counter, as well as to suck up and throw opponents. Hannah Montana

Happy attacks by throwing Big Macs, fries, shakes, and other food from McDonalds. He can also summon miniature Happy Meal toy versions of himself.

He is unlocked by beating 150 opponents in general.

Heavy Weapons Guy, or Heavy for short, attacks with heavy weapons (obviously). He can also use his sheer strength to charge, punch and kick. Team Fortress

Hornet Man
Hornet Man uses the Hornet Chaser to shoot hornets at opponents. He can also shoot hornets away from them and have the hornets attack opponents for him. Mega Man 9

Hulk Hogan
Hulh Hogan attacks by doing what you'd expect him to do - leg drops, suplexes, elbow drops, and summoning Hulkamaniacs to fight alongside him.

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the Classic Wrestling Ring stage.

Inkling Smash5
Inkling can shoot ink from her gun, obviously. She also using various other attacks from Splatoon, including Ink Bombs, a paint roller, a chargeable gun, and turning into a squid. Splatoon

InuYasha plays like he does in Sanguine Uprising. He is a swordfighter who can use all sorts of sword techniques, and well as healing himself. InuYasha

Iron Man
Iron Man can fly, shoot Repulsor Blasts, punch, and drop his opponents from the sky. The downside is that he's nearly terrible on land. The Avengers

Although he's a shark, Jaws can get around by swimming in midair. He can bite, tail whip, and summon piranhas and waves to attack for him. Jaws

Joel can attack by playing Midi files, throwing 8-bit fireballs, and intimidating the opponent with a spooky scary skeleton. Some of his attack take a while to charge, though.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Vinesauce characters.


Joelem is a drawing of Golem that was made by Joel. It attacks by snapping its crab claws and by flinging the rock attached to its left claw.

It is unlocked by playing 10 matches as The Duane.


John Cena
John Cena plays like your standard brawler. He can use moves such as the Five Knuckle Shuffle and the You Can't See Me.

He is unlocked by clearing All-Star mode.


John Oliver
John Oliver can attack by driving in su trucky-trailer and flinging mucho mucho dinero, summoning a psychotic murderous Mario to attack, and of course, HERE COMES THE MONKEY!

He is unlocked by playing 150 matches.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo plays like he does in Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion. He does karate, as well as riding motorcycles and throwing combs.

He is unlocked by clearing Classic Mode with 10 characters.

Johnny Bravo

Kiki was Llama's first waifu. She attacks by playing her guitar and sending out soundwaves. She can also summon the Fresh Beat Band fandom members to attack.

She is unlocked by playing 50 matches as female characters.

The Fresh Beat Band

Kingsonnn Dededoo
Kingsonnn Dededoo is a penguin with a similar name and appearance to those of King Dedede. He attacks by throwing clocks, swinging a broom, and cleaning clock projectiles to increase their damage. Brawl in the Family

Kirby plays like his Smash incarnation, but he has a few more moves now. For example, he can now transform into Hypernova Kirby, or use a Star Rod as a sword. He can even enter a Robobot!

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the Great Cave Offensive stage.


Lagiacrus, just like Jaws, moves by airborne swimming. Lagiacrus can also use various water attacks, including summoning tidal waves and rainstorms.

It is unlocked by clearing Boss Rush.

Monster Hunter

Lanky Kong
HE has no style, HE has no grace. This Kong has a funny face. HE can attack by extending his arms, throwing various fruits, and HE can handstand, increasing his speed but decreasing his attack. Donkey Kong 64

Leslie uses a shield and a sword in this game, as well as magic from Terabithia. She's a balanced character who can use almost all styles of fighting. Bridge to Terabithia

Little Mac
Little Mac's power is incredible on the ground. He uses all sorts of techniques used by boxers as well as his signature KO punch. His air skill, though, you can say it with me. "You ain't no air fighter, Mac!"

He is unlocked by playing 30 matches.


Lord Shen
Lord Shen can use both fire and wind magic to attack. He also uses a spear, and he can call in peacock warriors to fight for him. Kung Fu Panda 2

Lucas uses all sorts of PK and PSI attacks, just like Ness can. He can also use PK powers to summon the ghosts of (spoilers spoilers) to attack for him.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Ness.

Mother 3

Ludlog attacks just like he does in his Sanguine Bloodshed boss fight, using messy versions of magic and ground pounds. Being a simple drawing that was brought to life, he's lacking on defense. Fantendo

Luigi plays like his Smash incarnation. He can also use new attacks, such as the Poltergust 3000 and other attacks from Luigi's Mansion.

He is unlocked by playing 75 matches.

Super Mario

MatPat can attack by summong characters from Undertale, Pokémon, and Mario to attack. He can also throw an entire computer at his opponents.

He is unlocked by playing 100 matches as Nintendo characters.


Maud Pie
Maud Pie attacks using rocks, rocks, and more rocks. She doesn't have that much variety in her moveset, just like she doesn't express much emotion. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Mega Man
Mega Man plays like his Smash incarnation, using the weapons from an assortment of Robot Masters. With the use of custom movesets, he can gain new moves, such as the Rebound Striker. Mega Man

Mettaton plays like he does in Sanguine Uprising. He dances to attack and he uses a meter system that determines how much damage his attacks will do.

He is unlocked by playing 50 matches as meme characters.


Mewtwo has been severely buffed to the point in which he is nothing like he is in Smash. His attacks now revolve more around his Psychic typing.

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the now legalized Poké Floats stage.


Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus can swing around a miniature wrecking ball and swing a sledgehammer coated in her saliva. She can also hop onto a wrecking ball, damaging any fighter who touches it. Reality

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman can use his very voice to send out soundwaves. He can also read the lyrics to The Fox by Ylvis, sending out fox spirits to attack.

He is unlocked by playing 50 matches as male characters.


MS Paint Croagunk
MS Paint Croagunk is Llama's first digital artwork that has come to life. Being light and poorly drawn, it is weak and light. It can attack by using various attacks from real life frog species.

It is unlocked by playing 10 matches as MS Paint Mega Man.


MS Paint Mega Man
MS Paint Mega Man is a crudely made Mega Man sprite. He attacks by throwing basketballs like Zero does, and he can also fuse with him to create Mega Man Zero. Mega Man Sprite Game

NateWantsToBattle uses attacks from his favorite video game series, such as Pokémon, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Undertale. He can also summon a Sableye to attack for him. YouTube

Neil Cicierga
Neil Cicierga attacks using toy food, magic spells, and attacks mentioned in the Ultimate Showdown song. He can also summon a giant Pikachu to ride. Reality

Ness plays a lot like his Smash incarnation, using PK abilities and a baseball bat to attack. He has several new moves in this game, including PK Rockin'. Earthbound

Noa, 19
Noa is a Tinder user and the goddess of the Smash Bros. YouTube channel Milk Steak. She attacks by shanking you with a broken pool cue, as well as borrowing moves from Ness, Shulk, and Captain Falcon.

She is unlocked by playing 30 matches as Super Smash Bros. characters.

Smash Tinder Adventures

Noki attacks with his baseball bat from Marip Super Sluggers. He can also splash water at opponents or use a bubble as a shield. Super Mario Sunshine

Pac-Man plays like is Smash incarnation, using various Namco attacks, as well as standard punches and kicks.

If he is on the same team as The Crimson Curse, he can team up with her to create new attacks, including punches that stuns enemies and a spin kick that launches cherries.


Pat Cassels
Pat Cassels attacks by summoning the older CollegeHumor staff to fight for him. When he's fighting alone, he uses moves such as the Hadouken, throwing Christmas decorations, and putting up a flame shield.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Emily Axford.


Patrick Stump
Patrick attacks by shooting streams of fire from guns on his hands. He can also use them to shoot fireballs like a machinegun, as well as throwing his fedora. Reality

Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin can attack by farting and by violently dancing to Surfin' Bird. His weight makes for a high defense stat but low recovery. Family Guy

Pikachu plays like his Smash incarnation, using electric attacks, tail whips, headbutts, and he's pretty good at combos. The downside to him is that he's a lightweight character. Pokémon

Pimpnite can attack by using abnormally strong Magikarps and Metapods. He also has a counter in which he detects opponents' moves, and hacks if they used any.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as YouTubers.


Pingu can noot at a loud volume, as well as slide on his belly to both attack and avoid attacks. Being a flightless penguin, he isn't very good at recovery. Pingu

Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie can jump higher than most characters, making her a good air fighter. She attacks using a handheld version of the Party Cannon, as well as tail whips. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Plant Man
Plant Man is a weak character, relying on his Plant Buster and his Plant Barrier. He can be given more powerful moves, such as summoning vines, with custom movesets. Mega Man 6

Poopbutt Koopa
Poopbutt Koopa can hit opponents with a small door that doesn't hurt Waluigi because Waluigi. He can also fling pieces of his body made of fecal matter.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Fantendo characters.


The Prince of Nigeria
The Prince of Nigeria is here, and we mean the real one. He attacks by sending out scam emails from people who claim they're him, as well as digitally teleport. Reality

PSY holds the record for most YouTube views, and he uses this to a good advantage. He can summon his die-hard fangirls, as well as dance to attack. YouTube

PurpleLina is a horrible Mario OC that found her way into Smash. She attacks by summoning recolors of various Mario mooks, as well as turning into her more powerful, more purple forms.

She is unlocked by beating her in story mode.


The Quarter Guy
Adam "The Quarter Guy" Lutz can attack with many different kinds of guns, including a standard pistol, an NES Zapper, and a Mega Buster. He can also toss Metal Blades. YouTube

Rathalos is a wyvern, making it an obvious air fighter. Its attacks mainly revolve around fire, although it does possess a few wind powers.

It is unlocked by beating it in story mode.

Monster Hunter

Red uses a meter system that measures how drunk he is. When drunk, his moves become less accurate but more powerful.

He is unlocked by playing 30 matches as YouTubers.

Dick Figures

Red Robin
Red Robin plays just like the Smash incarnation of Robin. With custom movesets, she can attacks with new elements, such as earth, life, light, and water.

She is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Etika.

Super Smash Bros.

Reggie Fils-Aime
Reggie's body is ready, just like it always is. He can attack by swinging a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, throwing Purple Pikmin, and riding on a jet ski. Nintendo

Reyn is a powerful character in Xenoblade Chronicles, and he carries this over to A Non-Meme Title. He can use a lot of his moves from his own game. Xenoblade Chronicles

Riki uses all sorts of his attacks from the Xenoblade games, such as Bitey Bitey, Burninate, and Roly Poly. He's lacking in defense and weight, though. Xenoblade Chronicles

Robocop uses all sorts of technological gadgets, as expected. He has a pistol that he can upgrade into a bazooka or a machine gun. He's pretty slow, though. Robocop

Roller Brawl
Roller Brawl can attack by slashing her claw gloves and her roller skates. She can also power up into Bone Bash Roller Brawl, giving her a few new moves.

She is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Thrillipede.

Skylanders Swap Force

Sakurai's Cat
Sakurai's Cat can scratch and bite opponents. He's lacking in moveset variety, but what else did you expect from a cat without any abnormal powers?

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Super Smash Bros. characters.

Super Smash Bros.

Sans and Papyrus
Sans attacks by using powerful lasers and summoning bones that travel at high speeds. Papyrus attacks by throwing spaghetti and becoming Cool Dude Payrus, increasing his power.

They are available in a DLC pack alongside the Snowdin stage.


Saturn can use his ring to attack, as well as using his signature weapon: the Black Hole. He can even tarp fighters inside of a black hole and beat them up. Game Boy Mega Man 5

Shaq can jump exceptionally high, and he attacks by throwing basketballs. He can also slam a basketball onto the ground, damaging all fighters on the ground. Reality

Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight's moveset is straightforward: he uses his shovel. However, he has more thn just that, including hurling rocks and creating hole traps. Shovel Knight

Shulk plays like he does in Smash, using the Monado Arts and Visions. He also uses the Back Slash and Air Slash for Monado-based combat.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Riki.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Shy Guy Yellow
Shy Guy Yellow is a Fantendo user known for his quotes. He attacks by throwing Butt-Bombs, trapping opponents in a math textbook, and summoning his bikini girls. Fantendo

Skeletor attacks by using black magic. He can also raise the dead to make skeleton hands pop from the ground, as well as make skeletons fight for him.

He is unlocked by winning 20 online matches.

Masters of the Universe

Slope Dude
Slope Dude can create pitfalls that the opponent falls into, as well as charging on his skis and throwing snowballs. His stats are pretty puff puff positive.

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the 2008 YouTube stage.

TeacherTube Math

Snorlax's moves consist mainly of Normal-type Pokémon moves. These include Pound, Body Slam, Giga Impact, and Rest, which he can use to regain health. Pokémon

Solid Snake
Solid Snake plays like his Smash incarnation, using all sorts of weaponry, punches, and kicks. Also, the entire Sm4sh roster misses him, even the newcomers. Metal Gear Solid

Sonic is - obviously - the fastest character in game. He attacks with a few moves he used in Smash, but he can also summon the antics of the cringeworthy Sonic fandom.

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the Green Hill Zone stage.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sponge can use his prehensile mustache to whip opponents, and he can also summon various things from Super Sponge Bros. He can also ride on the Sad Seagull. Vinesauce

The Squid Sisters
The two sisters attack by having one use the other's squid form as a gun. Callie's pink shots are faster but they deal less damage, and Marie's green shots sacrifice speed for damage.

They are unlocked by playing 15 team battles.


Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal uses martial arts like The Crimson Curse does, but he can also throw bombs and suplex opponents. He's not that big on his defense stats, though. Reality

Steven Universe
Steven can unleash his gem powers and bring out his gem shield, as well as release light beams. When he doesn't have his powers activated, he plays like a standard brawler.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Garnet.

Steven Universe

Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas can attack by accelerating. It sounds a little dull, but you wouldn't want a train to run over you multiple times. He can also use backfire blasts and summon his train friends.

He is unlocked by clearing Boss Rush with 10 characters.

Thomas and Friends

Thrillipede attacks by punching with his four arms and throwing cocoon grenades. He can also wrap a cocoon around himself to use as a shield. Skylanders Superchargers

Toad attacks by usgn various Mario power-ups from a multitude of games. And for all the Vinesauce fans out there, he can also scream to attack.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Chain Chomp.

Super Mario

Tron Bonne
Tron Bonne plays like she does in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. She uses her machine to punch and shoot, and she can summon Servbots to attack enemies. She can even summon a giant Servbot.

She is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Galaxy Man.

Mega Man

Vanessa Carlton
Vanessa enters the arena by making her way downtown walking fast. She is a floaty character who attacks by using a lance and summoning flying pianos. Reality

Venom can use his brute strength and gooey body to attack. He also swing on webs like Spiderman, as well as hide in a puddle for defense. Spiderman

Vincent Connare
Vincent Connare is the guy who invented Comic Sans. He attacks by summoning floating alphabet letters in the Comic Sans font. He can also summon a hologram of Sans from Undertale.

He is unlocked by playing 75 online matches.


Vinny, being the main man of Vinesauce, can attack by summoning Vinesauce in-jokes. He can also call on his Tomodachi Life islanders to assist him in battle.

He is unlocked by clearing the Vinesauce portion of Story Mode.


Walubba attacks by throwing Star Bits and Power Stars. He can also make them stronger by using the power of wah.

He is available in a DLC pack alongside the Battle Belt Galaxy stage.


Too bad, Waluigi time! Waluigi is a character who relies on sports equipment to attack, such as his tennis racket and dodgeballs. He also attacks with stomps and spin kicks. Super Mario

Wario plays like his Smash incarnation; a brawler who can ride on his Wario Bike. He can also fart, chomp opponents, and turn into Wario-Man.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Waluigi.

Super Mario/WarioWare

Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al can use all sorts of attacks. He can throw all sorts of food, whip enemies with an accordion, and ride on a giant hippo. His recovery and defense aren't all that good. Reality

Wendy O. Koopa
Wendy plays like the Smash incarnation of Bowser Jr., using gadgets hidden in the Koopa Clown Car. She can also jump out of the Clown Car to attack with her magic wand. Super Mario

Wii Fit Trainer
Wii Fit Trainer plays like her Smash incarnation, using various yoga poses to attack. Her custom movesets don't change her moveset much, they just give her new yoga pose attacks.

She is unlocked by playing 50 matches as Nintendo characters.

Wii Fit

A Wiki Contributor
This guy is probably an underage person who doesn't know how to make an account. It attacks by making pointless, spammy comments and by threatening to kill opponents, decreasing their power.

He is unlocked by playing 10 matches as Shy Guy Yellow.


Yoshi plays like his Smash incarnation, using kicks, eggs, and his tongue to attack. He can be given new moves via custom movesets, including throwing eggs with opponents trapped in them. Super Mario/Yoshi's Island

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