Hostage(s) rescued Boss(es) killed Castle Location
Princess Peach & Toad (now joins the Resistance) Bowser Jr. (part 1) Bowser (part 2) Bowser's Castle Mushroom Kingdom (training level)
Super Readers (now joins the Resistance) Wolfie (from Super Why) The Cow Jumped Over The Moon Storybook Village
Bikini Bottom fish citizens Sheldon James Plankton Jr. Chum Bucket Bikini Bottom
Gabriel Logan (now joins the Resistance) Robert Cordell IPCA Control Room IPCA Agency
Kids of Dimmsdale Adults of Dimmsdale Dimmsdale Mayor's House Dimmsdale
Amity High students Ghosts from Danny Phantom Amity High Amity Park
Good Soviet Union general (now joins the Resistance) Evil Soviet Union general Soviet Union headquarters Mosow
God (now joins the Resistance) Satan Crash Banditcoot Crash Banditcoot Island
Ghostbusters (now joins the Resistance) King Boo Luigi's Mansion Secret Altar Boo Woods
Hans Iceman Ski Resort Swiss Alps
Mario's parents (now joins the Resistance) Benito Mussolini's family Venice Village Venice
Luigi's parents (now joins the Resistance) Benito Mussolini Leaning Tower Of Pisa Rome
Dr. O. (now joins the Resistance) Sinister 7 Computer Sinister 7 Underground Hideout Cyprus
Nazi Germany Soldiers NCO Adolf Hitler (commits suicide at the end of this level) Nazi Germany Headquarters Berlin
Persian Villagers & Allied Desert Patrollers Enemy Desert Patroller Leader Prison Camp Persia
Superman's Parents General Zog The Statue Of Liberty New York
Los Angeles Lakers Giga Bowser Jr. Los Angeles Beach Hotel Room 392

Los Angeles

Miami Heat Giga Bowser Miami Beach Pier & Fishing Area Miami
Ancient Maya People Mr. Luggs Machu Pichu Machu Pichu
Ms. T. (now joins the Resistance) Lady In Pink Big Ben London
Luau Dancers & Tikis King Kaku II

Honolulu International & Domestic Airport

Tikis from Battle from Bikini Bottom Queen Kaku & Prince Kaku Jr. (part 1) King Kaku (part 2) Tiki Island Volcano Tiki Island
Octonauts (now joins the Resistance) Kraken (castle 1) & Jaws (castle 2) Kraken's Shipwreck Ship House (castle 1) Octopad (castle 2) Pacific Ocean
Ken, Napple, Thread, Lisa, Kid, Grace, Gene Yuss, Putts, Plum, Charlie, Sonny, Maple, Harry, Tiny, Sherry, Azalea & Mii Golfer (now joins the Resistance Sleeping Racecar Drivers Marion Clubhouse Marion Club
Mii Archaeologists & Friendly Zombies From Plants Vs. Zombies Zomboss Tomb Of Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen

Brooklyn Cemetery

Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, Austin & Sherman (now joins the Resistance) Wrinkly Kong (now turned into portrait) Pablo's Bedroom Backyard
Sandy Cheeks (now joins the Resistance) Giant Rodeo Arena Texas
Mark Chang Mandie Mark Chang's Spaceship Dimmsdale Dump
Bloom Miester (now joins the Resistance) Gloom Miester Garden City Harbor Garden City
Oprah preformers Zombie Viking Leader Opera House Sydney
James Bond & his partners & his family (now joins the Resistance and SpongeBob is being a member of Snake's Codec Support Team) Stewie Griffin Griffin Residence Household


The Simpsons Mr. Burns Simpsons Residence Household Springfield
The Reads Wario (now joins the Resistance) Reads Residence Houseland Elwood City
Toad Koopa Kid (part 1) Tode (part 2) Tode's Lair Toad Town
Q*bert Birdo Q*bert Final Pyramid Minus World
Smurfs SKODWARDE (part 1) Moar Krabs (part 2) SpengeBab (part 3) RickPat (part 4) Gargamel (part 5) Smurf Village House #192 Smurfs Village
Miis Hyponized Mii General South of Mii Plaza Mii Plaza
Mii sport players Enemy Mii Pirate Leader Bowling Alley Wii Sports Resort
Lord Royal Highness & his guards Plankton's Tank (part 1) Giant Plankton (part 2) Lord Royal Highness' Clone (part 3) The palace's court yard Atlantis
Jimmy Neutron Professor Calamity (part 1) James & his Assistant (part 2) The lab Retroville
Meta Knight & Kirby (now joins the Resistance) King Dedede (part 1) King Dedede's castle Dreamland

Ness, Paula, Jeff,

& Poo

Porky The stage from melee Onett
Star spirits & Rosalina Dino phrana Good egg Galaxy Space
Larry the lobster, Mrs.puff, Bubble bass, & Bubble buddy The Flying Dutchhman Conch street Bikini Bottom Residential District/Residential District Bikini Bottom


Truffles, & Schnitzel

Ruben The Kitchen Marzipan City
Zelda, Saria,Adult Malon, happy mask salesman, & Betles Ganondorf Market at night Hyrule
Island Open Academy Island
Geo,Milli,&Bot Shape bandit Team umizoomi's Base UmiCity
KenSmyth Oilfield
Bubble Bobble Level Maze
LittleBigPlanet MyMoon Level

Asyanica Rooftops

Penguins Polar bears South pole


São Paulo
Evil Toys & Co. Evil Toy Factory
GameCube Town
Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally Trail
Planet Zebes
Mario City
Baseball Kingdom
Baseball Kingdom (destroyed by Kirby-Nauts)
Aerial of North Philippines
Biff Atlas' Hideout
Bogmire's Hideout
Boolossus' Hideout
Chauncey's Hideout
Clockwork Soldiers' Hideout
The Floating Whirlindas's Hideout

Henry & Orville's Hideout

Jarvis' Hideout
Lydia's Hideout
Madame Clairvoya's Hideout
Melody Pianissima's Hideout
Miss Petunia's Hideout
Mr. Lugg's Hideout
Nana's Hideout
Neville's Hideout
Shiver's Hideout
Sir Weston's Hideout

Slim Bankshot's Hideout

Spooky's Hideout
Sue Pea's Hideout
Uncle Grimmly's Hideout
Vincent Van Gore's Hideout
Tabuu's Office
Pipe Labyrinth
Princess Bubble Gum,Marceline(Part 1), Prince Gumball,&Marshall lee(part 2) (now joins the resistance)

Ice King(part 1)

Ice Queen(Part 2)

Ice Palace Land of Ooo
JKL, the castaways,Squidward,and Patrick

Robot Patrick(Part 1)

The big one -acid version(Part 2)

Robot Patrick's arena Bikini bottom's iIndustrial Park
Mordecai, Rigby, Margret,Eileen,High five ghost,& Mucsleman

Ybgir(Part 1)

Destroyer of Worlds(part 2

Mordecai and rigby's room The Park

Jolene, Prince Mush,  Thousand year door partners, Jabble (Joins the resistants, but Jabble joins Snakes codec team)

Macho Grubba
Citizens of Fantendo
  • Tabuu's friends
  • Tabuu's minions (part 2)
  • Tabuu's family (part 3)
  • Portrait ghosts except King Boo (part 4)
  • Buwsah (part 5)
  • 8-bit character clones (part 6)
  • Father Brain (part 7)
  • Mother Brain (part 8)
  • Grandmother Brain & Grandfather Brain (part 9)
  • Tabuu (final part)
Tabuu's Residentce Master Bedroom (destroyed by Lydia II) Tabuu's Residence (final stage)

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