Abandoned Playground

The restorament of playground

Boo Woods

Boos needs to hibernate

Chum Bucket



Renames Playland and close down only one food stand: Taffy's food stand and make all food stands in operations forever

Dark Palace

Replaces Light Palace

Death Mountain

Finding lost old man's family

Desert Palace

Vultures rule desert


Adults respected kids


Dreamland citizens go to sleep and dream well

Ganondorf's Tower


Haunted Grove

Flute boy plays again


The return of Jesus



Hollow Of Hibration

Race car drivers wake up

Hyrule Castle

Return of King

Ice Palace

Ice-cream appears and Nana & Popo resides as the headquarters of US Ice Army Base

Kakariko Town

Sahasralah's homecoming

Krusty Krab

Making more Krabby Patties


Bug-catching kid

Librety Island

Statue Of Librety rebuilt

Lost Woods

Forest Thief

Luigi's Mansion

Portrait Ghosts back to portraits and another back to human form

Magic Shop

Witch and her assistant

Magic Show Theater

Magician's pet rescue

Manila Bay

Noynoy recovers

Master Sword's Residence

Master Sword sleeps again...Forever!!

Mii Plaza

Trillions of Miis

Mountain Tower

Bully makes his friend

Mushroom Kingdom

Bowser's minions happly without Bowser


Captain Barnacles doing exercising, Dr. Shellington brushing his teeth, Sauci combing her hair Peso getting dressed, Prof. Inkling reading the newspaper, Tunip making breakfast, Lt. Kwazii taking a bath and Tweak getting some sleep


Marriage of Ness and Paula

Pacific Ocean

Clean water returns and Jaws died


Mummies' tomb returns

Road To Bethlehem

Shooting stars appears and having Jesus' birthday party during Christmas


Royal Sage

Satan's Residence

Extingush and melted by firefighters


Classes resumed


Mansion gets more bigger


Dwarven swordsmiths

Skull Woods

Replaces Forever Forest


Goddess and Old Man Zeus reappeared

Storybook Village

Fairytale citizens resided again

Sunnyside Daycare

Turn toy prison into toy paradise

Swamp Palace

Swamp monster rescues

Tabuu's Residence

Turn into throphy

Tennis Court

Mario Tennis based exclusived human characters rescued and playing practice


Godzilla captured and reveal a dog

Wishing Well

Venus, Queen Of Faeries kills Crocker

Woodsmen's Hut

Twin lumberjacks

Your House

Your uncle recovers

Zora's Waterfall

Flippers for sale

Zurg's Base


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