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This is Season 1 of the TV Show, A New Leaf. There is about 20 episodes in the season. 


Episode No. Name Basic Plot Release Date Created By
1 New Leaf, New Life. Cameron moves to a new town and finds himself becoming towm mayor. April 2014 RetroNin
2 Planning Out Cameron has to pay for his home. He also tries to make new friends  April 2014 RetroNin
3 Animal Next Door A annoying villager moves into town. And the folks at the town have to deal with him. May 2014 RetroNin
4 Fishing Tourney The fishing tourney starts at Cameron's town. The animals try to win the prize. May 2014 RetroNin
5 Old Junk  Cameron needs to sell old clothes and items. May 2014 RetroNin
7 Island Adventures The folks at the town have got a invite from somebody to come to a island. June 2014 RetroNin
8 The Firefly Tourney A animal at Cameron's town requests that there should be a Firefly catching challenge to honor Summer. June 2014 RetroNin
9 New Leaf, New...Island...? Cameron visits an island with some of the villagers but seems there's a secret about that island. June 2014 LumaNin (Note: RetroNin and LumaNin are the same users, RetroNin has renamed to LumaNin,

Removed Episodes

  • Tom Nook, You Silly Idiot - This was the only episode not created by LumaNin. It was removed because swearing (telling by title), a scene where Tom Nook is dreaming about killing animals, and even Tom Nook with a knife, stabbing poor villagers. It was cut by LumaNin and it could even sue NinRMAX.

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