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One normal boy, Becomes mayor of a random town!
The show's "Tagline".

A New Leaf
Genre(s) Comedy, Adventure.
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Animal Crossing Theme Plays With Title Card.
Ending Theme Credits.
Country of Origin US
Original Language English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German.
Season(s) 6
Episodes 46
Runtime 30 Minutes
Status Still Going
A New Leaf is a 2014 TV Show based off the Nintendo video game, Animal Crossing New Leaf. It will broadcast on Cartoon Network. A New Leaf is mostly about a boy named Cameron living laid back life at a small town, Just like the Animal Crossing series.


A boy named Cameron (Based off of RetroNin's real name) feels like he should get away from his hometown and start a new life. He then find's himself becoming a mayor. Cameron now lives and does something fun everyday in his life.


  • Havertown - The main setting, It's also Cameron's town.
  • Logville - A place visited in Season 2.
  • Treeburg - Cameron's old town.


Name Image Description
Cameron is sometimes a troublemaker. He's kinda a normal guy. But he's sometimes out of his head.
Cameron's brother, He lives in Havertown with him. He gives repect near other people.
Tom Nook
200px-Tom Nook
The one who runs Nook Homes. Tom Nook is greedy sometimes in the show. But he is really nice and all.
Fauna Fauna Fauna is Cameron's friend. She's well behaved and hearted.

Season 1

Main article: A New Leaf/Season 1

On April 18, It was announced that 20 episodes would be in Season 1. RetroNin began working on the episodes for Season One on April 19.


  • Fauna was RetroNin's favorite animal in Animal Crossing, So he wanted to make her appear in the show.
  • NinRMAX wanted to make merchandise for the show. However, They failed to do it.
  • Treeburg was the name of RetroNin's ACCF town.


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References From Animal Crossing Games

  • Animal Crossing New Leaf: Cameron takes place as mayor, Number of villagers that are from the game are in the show.
  • Animal Crossing: A horn hat is put on Cameron at Episode 1.

Season 2

In a interview, LumaNin (aka creator of the show) said that A New Leaf will have a second season, It will feature new villagers, towns, and it will be worth the wait, he says. The planned release for the season will be Winter 2015

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