A Mage's Tale is a Fanon series made byTheShadowCraft (talk). As stated eariler, it is a Fanon series being a brand new series and does not serve as a sequel to anything at all. 


Many hooded figures are seen chatting with each other, waiting outside the gate of what seems to be a school. And as soon as a lady comes out to introduce the hooded people, the gate breaks open as they stare in shock as an army of Shadow Creatures come in and wreck the whole place. Two hooded figures jump forwaed, with them being Bryan and Sandra.

Playable Characters


  • Defender Of School: Mission 1
    • Play as Bryan and Sandra to defeat all the Shadow Creatures inside the lawn. However, you must also help evacuate three groups of students to safety, with each group having a total of two meaning 6 students you have to resuce. If one of the students faint before you rescue them, you have to restart.

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