A Look Inside is part of the League of Fantendo Critics, and one of the newest ones of the bunch. It briefly covers the individual sections of the game, ending on a score from the silly score system.

Games Reviewed + Scores

God Tier MLG Pro

This score is for games that are very well made, a lot of effort is put into them, and just stand out.

Slightly-Less-Than-God Tier MLG Pro

This is for games that, while not God Tier, are very good and have their own special merrits.


The dolphin rank is for games that are still good, but not as great or standing out.

Yes Mediocre

This rank is for games that have nothing really special about them, and are kinda just mediocre.


This rank goes to games that have many flaws and are overall just bad.

Reverse God Tier MLG No

This rank is the worst of them all, for games that are absolutely terribly made and have no redeeming qualities. 


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