In the Previous Episode...

  • Eight friends decided to take a journey to find a mysterious Dimension called "Dimension X", after traveling ten days, in the eleventh day, Locky and your friends discovered a portal to the Dimension X...


  • "Madnesscrazy is the first to enters the Dimension X"
  • Madnesscrazy: Whoa! This place is weird!
  • "The rest of the group in the Dimension X"
  • Locky: Why the sky makes me remember from the Out of this Dimension stage of Star Fox?
  • MGC: Weird place...
  • Hayden: Wait, this is the Dimension X?
  • Zie: Well, yes.
  • Brock: Weird, the lasers of my mallet aren't working anymore.
  • Hayden: This happen with my sword too.
  • Sam: Strange... the sky is very coloured but, the floor is monochromatic.
  • Lunes: Seems like we are the only ones here.
  • Sammy: Let me see...
  • "Sammy grows up to see if have somebody next to the group"
  • Sammy: Nope, we are the only ones here.
  • Locky: Thanks, Jake (the Dog).
  • Sammy: You are welcome.
  • Tom: The text of my book disappeared!
  • LL: Weird...
  • "The heroes heard something falling from the skies."
  • Locky: Huh?
  • MGC: Anyone noticed a strange sound.
  • Zie: I noticed that too.
  • Locky: Okay, Zie, MGC and Hayden follow me, I know where the sound comes.
  • MGC: Kay.
  • "Locky, Zie, MGC and Hayden reached the place where the sound comes and see five people on the ground."
  • Locky: How are you?
  • Wario: Hey, calm down, bro.
  • MGC: Wario? Clover?
  • Locky: How you find that place?
  • Clover: We are looking for you, when we found a portal which makes us falling here.
  • Rushing: Gladly, my Katana isn't broken.
  • Rick: So... this is the "Dimension X?", looks out a drugged person's mind.
  • Locky: Yep, it's is.
  • Rocky: This place is weird.
  • "Locky noticed a strange creature coming on their direction."
  • Locky: What is that?
  • MGC: Everybody find a place to hide! That creature can be dangerous.
  • "Everybody hides on a rock"
  • Zie: Okay, we need defeat that creature, maybe I use my whip?
  • Locky: We need something more dangerous.
  • Rick: Shurikens!
  • Locky: Okay, try Rick!
  • "Rick throws a shuriken to that creature, sucessfully defeating him"
  • Locky: Phew, that creature isn't maded of steel.
  • MGC: Okay, we have new recruits, what is time for?
  • MGC: Eh... no, time to find the treasure.
  • Locky: ¬¬.
  • ???: New intruders on my realm... it's time to ruin their life on their dimension...
  • "New heroes to the journey to the mysterious tresure of the Dimension X, they can find them?, who is the mysterious person watching them? Wait for the next episode of A Freinds' Quest!"


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