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  • Here, we started all: January 3, 2013 on Fantendoverse, where friends starts to look for something named "The X Dimension", a place where nobody knows about, but, some people believe which there's a treasure here. Eight Friends started to search for them.
  • Locky: Okay guys, now everybody is here?
  • MGC: Sure, yes!
  • Locky: Okay, only to be sure, everybody is with your weapon?
  • MGC: Well, I have a sword.
  • Hayden: A have a sword too, a flaming one.
  • Zie: I have this Whip, I don't know if this is really useful.
  • Brock: I have this mallet
  • "Brock shows his laser mallet"
  • Locky: Okay... that's not normal, anyway, Madness you are equipped?
  • Madnesscrazy: Hell yeah, I have a MG-42.
  • Locky: O.o?
  • MGC: Why leave a sub-machine gun to such a place?
  • Madnesscrazy: Nobody knows what we are going to see in that place.
  • Locky: Okay...
  • Sam: I also have a mallet, but, not so strange like Brock's mallet.
  • Lunes: Well, I don't have any weapon, but, I have something which will looks interising.
  • "Lunes transform into a tiger"
  • Locky: lol.
  • MGC: What?
  • "Lunes comes back to your normal form"
  • Lunes: I can transform into animals and other things.
  • Locky: Okay, seems like everybody is prepared to the adventure, so... okay, anyone knows how to find the dimension X?
  • MGC: I don't have any idea.
  • Hayden: Per MGC.
  • Zie: There's any magic spell which can bring a portal to that place?
  • Locky: Let me contact, Glados..., well, I don't know anything about such a magic.
  • Brock: Well, there's been a hole which leaves us to that place.
  • Madnesscrazy: Eating a pie.
  • Locky: ...
  • Sam: Well, I don't have any idea too.
  • Lunes: Let's search to all Fantendoverse and if we find something odd or strange we check to see if is a door to that dimension.
  • Locky: Okay, but, Fantendoverse is toooooooooooooooooo big.
  • Lunes: I do everything to find that place.
  • Locky: Ok, let's begin.
  • "The eight friends traveled all over the Fantendoverse for 10 days..."
  • MGC: Man, I'm tired...
  • Brock: Me too.
  • Zie: 10 days, nothing.
  • Madnesscrazy: Man, it's a "Tired Combat"...
  • Locky: Let's continue, guys!
  • Hayden: I can't move any a single muscle, I'm too tired.
  • Sam: That what I call a "Explosive Quest"... I gonna explode...
  • Lunes: Oh god, even becoming an animal, I still tired...
  • Locky: Okay, we are going to sleep here, Hayden do you can give your sword?
  • Hayden: Yes, for what?
  • Locky: I need some log to bring up a fireplace.
  • Hayden: Okay, here is.
  • "Locky started to search for log on the forest"
  • Locky: Here is!
  • "Locky cut down some wood and bring up to their's friends camp"
  • Locky: Now here, some log to the fireplace...
  • "All sleeps after Locky put the fireplace"
  • "In the next day..."
  • ???: Hey guys!
  • Locky: Who are you?
  • "Sammy, Plazzap, Tom and Gumball appears"
  • Tom: Sorry if we are late, but, we forget about it and started to look around for you.
  • Plazzap: Yeah...
  • Sammy: Per Tom.
  • LL: Hey MGC! Hayden!
  • MGC: Hey LL, you came too :>
  • Hayden: Welcome to the party, LL.
  • Gumball: So, you find something?
  • Locky: Nothing...
  • "Something flashes on the ground"
  • Locky: What has that?
  • MGC: What you are talking about?
  • Locky: There's something on the ground! I can feel it!
  • MGC: So... anyone here knows how to levitate things?
  • Locky: ...I?
  • "Locky tries to make contact to the mysterious object to levitate him, sucessfully, Locky levitate a giant metal block"
  • Brock: What is that?
  • Locky: It's what he gonna discover now.
  • Hayden: Let me try do something...
  • "Hayden try to burns the metal with the fire of your sword, he burned it, and something odd appeared."
  • Locky: WHOA, what is that? That can be...
  • Zie: The portal to the Dimension X!
  • Locky: So, everyone been prepared, we don't know what expect us on that place.
  • Madnesscrazy: LET'S ROCK AND ROLL!
  • "Madnesscrazy enters in the portal"
  • Locky: Okay, everybody now!
  • "The rest of the people enters in the portal"
  • ???: So..., they entered in the Dimension X..., they can't find my secrets on that place... I need something to stop them...
  • Continues in Ep. 2



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