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"A Flash Beorn Our Eyes"
Season 2, episode 15
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"One Snail Under All"
"Imperium Dance"

A Flash Beorn Our Eyes is the fifteenth episode in the second season of Fantendo Now. It is the thirtieth episode overall.


During a battle with Two in the Bermuda Triangle, Unten is seemingly vaporized in front of his team mates. Believing Unten to be dead, the team hosts a funeral for him. On a distant planet, Unten appears with no way to call for help. Even worse, he discovers that his old foe Doomulus Grime is trapped on the planet with him.


Written by Exotoro

Unten, Rachel, Leah, PalmMan, Strafe, Sakeena, and Reese are fighting The Threat's Two, a alien part of The Threat's Top 10, in the Bermuda Triangle on an uncharted island. Unten attempts to hit but is pushed back by a pink orb that doesn't do any damage but does send him flying back.

Unten: Any luck hitting this thing?

Strafe reloads his Desert Eagle, attempting to fire at Two with it, with it psychokinetically stopping his bullets.

Strafe: Nope, it stops any projectiles from hitting it. We're not having much luck hitting the damn thing either.

Rachel uses her shield as Two blasts a blue orb that explodes. Leah just leans against a rock, studying the battle.

Unten: Hey, Leah, help us out, will you?
Leah: I am. Jesus christ.

Reese attempts to chrono-jump and hit Two in the head but Two pushes him back psychokinetically.

Leah: We're just whaling on him with attacks he can easily predict, easily focus on.
Unten: So what's your big plan?
Leah: We gotta give him a less obvious attack to block and counter.

Leah jumps down, throwing needles at Two. Two diverts it's “head” to Leah, who is sticking her tongue out at it. Reese attempts to chrono-jump again behind Two, causing it to quickly spin it's head as it tries to deal with them both. Strafe, Rachel, Sakeena, and PalmMan begin to understand what to do and attack Two from different angles with their weapons. Unten decides to run with electricity coursing through his hands, leaping from a cliff onto Two's head.

Unten: Got it!

Unten grabs onto Two's spinning head, attempt to shock it with electricity. Two screams as some kind of energy begins to glow around his head.

Unten: Uhhh…!

Two shakes Unten off and blasts Unten with a pink ray of energy, Unten's body seemingly dissipating from the ray. Two blasts off the Bermuda Triangle. Unten is gone.

Sakeena: Unten?

No answer.

Rachel: Where did he go…?
Leah: Surely there would be something from that kind of impact…

Leah looks around.

Strafe: I don't want to admit it but I think Unten's... gone, you guys.

Reese jumps back in time, analyzing the ray of energy and Unten's impact with it. Unten disappears before Reese's eyes as he returns to the current time.

Reese: I think he's dead. I looked back, analyzed it and he just… went.

The group is shocked, in disbelief. Leah has her serious doubts but even she's not sure.

Unten flies into a orange packing of rocks, groaning as he gets up.

Unten: Where am I…?

Unten looks around, the planet mostly barren and desolate. It's small too.

Unten: Where is everyone?

Silence. Nothing lives here, it seems. Unten looks around wildly, trying to figure out if he really is stuck here. After a moment, he begins walking forward.

Unten: I'm not really stuck here, am I? How did I even get here-

Unten sees something in the distance. A black and red diamond-shaped structure. He runs to it.

Rachel and the others are completely lost on what to do now. Leah has a toothpick lodged in her teeth, trying to get something out of her teeth. PalmMan takes note.

PalmMan: Is right now the time?
Leah: I dunno, is Unten even dead?
PalmMan: Unten even dead? Are you being for real right now?
Leah: ...yes?
PalmMan: Explain.
Leah: Law of conservation of mass. Objects can't disappear without a trace. Come on, don't tell me I'm the only one who knows about this.
PalmMan: You hang out with a person that time travels. Casually.
Leah: So? Not the same thing?

PalmMan sighs.

PalmMan: Look, I've put up with your general lack of empathy enough and honestly, I don't think anyone's really interested in having this conversation.

Leah sits down.

Rachel: Real edgy, Leah.
Leah: Oh fuck off, you don't even know what that word means.

Unten continues walking, looking around the empty planet.

Unten: I suppose I truly am alone here…

In the distance, Unten hears footsteps.

Unten': Or not… what the?

Unten looks around, with nobody around.

Unten: Mm.

Unten stands before the red and black temple not soon after. Inside, nothing but the echo of the door opening awaits him.

Unten: Hello?

Unten walks through the ruined temple, red and black stained windows of an diamond shaped eye illuminate the place in red.

Unten: -am I even supposed to be in here…?

A voice calls out from the hellish inside. It sounds just like…

Doomulus Grime: Are you?

Unten screams.

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