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A Fantendo Venture (also know as #afantendoventure due to its channel) is an ongoing chat game that spawned on August 17th, 2013, when PabloDePablo (tbc) got bored in the middle of a night full of Hatoful Boyfriend and soda. It features a downtown farm, Farm Jesus and his subjects, and the bond between a teen and his pig. Several features have been added in its hours-long run due to its very loose nature, such as trains, fusion, and more crops.

Game Structure

The game has several commands, each of which is input by players, with the consequences explained by the game master. FP (Farmer Points) are used to purchase items, and Charms act as buffs. However, some players choose to place text between their commands as flavor text, something that is highly encouraged as it fleshs out the universe of AFV.


  • FARM: Used to harvest one of the several crops. When used, it will provide no less than 1 and no more than 10 (unless the crop has a boost applied).
    • Example - FARM COW ---> Pablo - You FARM COW. You receive 3 COW.
  • SELL: Used to sell crops. Each crop has a determined value in FP, that doesn't fluctuate.
    • Example - SELL COW ---> Pablo - You SELL 3 COW. You get 90 FP.
  • PURCHASE: Used to buy things. Such things include Seeds for new crops and weaponry.
    • Example - PURCHASE ---> Pablo - What would you like to purchase, [x], [y], or [z]? ---> [z] ---> Pablo - You get [z], -50 FP
  • TIME: Lets you see the time. The times are Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, and Midnight. From Night until Morning, imps come out preventing harvest unless you Fend.
    • Example - TIME ---> Pablo - The time is Morning.
  • IMPORT: Lets you use the Train to import goods from foreign lands like Ghetto, Tropic, France, Japanland, and more. These can be used to barter for charms. The same 1 - 10 amount applies here, although you cannot boost the amount beyond 10 yet.
    • Example - IMPORT FRANCE ---> Pablo - You imported some fine wine, getting 5 bottles.
  • PLANT: Lets you plant a seed. Duh. It'll grow once a full 'day' has based (i.e if you plant a seed one Evening, it will be a full crop the next time Evening comes around)
    • Example - PLANT APPLE SEED ---> Pablo - You planted the apple seed.
  • FEND: Lets you fend if you have a weapon of some sort. The Aggress Charm lets you automatically Fend.
    • Example - FEND ---> Pablo - You fended, and the imps were scared off.


Name of Crop/Livestock Availability Purchase Price FP per Crop/Animal
Corn Available from the beginning N/A 1 FP
Cow Available from the beginning N/A 10 FP
Pig Available from the beginning N/A 20 FP
Pumpkin Available by purchase from the shop, requires Pumpkin Seed initially. 25 FP 30 FP
Apple Available by purchase from the shop, requires Apple Seed initially. 40 FP 40 FP
Milk Must be unlocked by cutting the "cursed second udder" from a Cow. N/A 5 FP


Train Name Default Destinations Purchase Price
Cheap Train Ghetto, Tropic Free
Monorail Ghetto, Tropic, France Free
Midnight Train Goin' anywhere 500,000


Charm Name Charm Effect Purchase Price
Prosper Charm Allows for an income boost for 1 type of Crop. 5 Chicken
Travel Charm Allows for an additional travel location to be unlocked by the player. NOTE: is considered redundant upon the purchase of the Midnight Train. 10 Chicken
Agress Charm Automatically FENDs each night. 5 Bananas
Lovely Charm Allows for the addition of 1 companion. 10 Bananas or 10 Wine Bottles
Mafiapeek Charm A charm which allows the player to see the activities of The Mafia, only once available for purchase, comes into effect immediately. 5 Sushi

Travel Destinations

Name of Location Location Availability Location Resource
Ghetto Unlocked alongside the Cheap Train Chicken
Tropics Unlocked alongside the Cheap Train Bananas
Seaside Unlockable by Travel Charm Unknown
Suburb Unlockable by Travel Charm Unknown
Japanland Unlockable by Travel Charm Sushi
France Unlocked alongside the Monorail Wine Bottles


  • YoshiEgg (tbc) as YE, the first farmer and good friend of Oinkford. He defeated the Mafia with the Oinkford War Axe.
  • DisturbedCrow (tbc) as Disturbed, the close second farmer with no companion. He is constantly farming and managing.
  • ShadowElise (tbc) as Elise, the Farm Maiden who went down in history as never doing anything and leaving the farm.
  • JesseRoo (tbc) as JerseyRoy, the third farmer who cheered YE on as he downed the Mafia. He disappeared quickly but promised to be back.
  • Oinkford, the lovable pig companion that quickly made friends with YE from the start. As a game mechanic, he cannot be killed or sold, but he seems to be very odd...
  • The Mafia is a collective group of jerks with lots of HP. They were spotted kidnapping Blacksmith with the Mafiapeek Charm and then stopped by YE.
  • Blacksmith is a timid fellow and neighbor to the farmers. He sells stuff like axes and swords.

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