A day that ends in Y

Ello lovely people,and welcome to A day that ends with Y, A review show from the League of Fantendo Critiques. Here Y reviews your games,wether they're finished or not.  So make a request and i'll start reviewing!!


When reviewing a game,i'd like to take a few things into consideration,in order to ensure that every article reviewed,gets an acceptable score and a resonable critique. Here are such criteria:

Character Criteria

Game Criteria

When Reviewing a character,I take these into consideration:

  • Swagginess: This is essentially how cool your character is in terms or concept and orginality
  • Grammar: Watch your grammar and spelling, please. I'm not a stickler for it,i'll admit, but still. Keep it mostly correct.
  • Development: Make sure your character is developed, and has traits which make them stick out.
  • Art: Okay your article may or may not have art,but at least provide a detailed description,aight?

When reviewing a Game I take these into consideration:

  • Swagginess: This is essentially how cool your game is in terms or concept and orginality
  • Grammar: Watch your grammar and spelling, please. I'm not a stickler for it,i'll admit, but still. Keep it mostly correct.
  • Game-Play: How does your game fuction?? Is it good, is it bad? I dunno.
  • Artistry: I don't care if your a good or bad artist,but at least try to make effort with art,and don't botch it.

Though I did list what i'm looking for in these articles. The most important aspect is of course. LOVE!! Please, put effort into your games, aight??


Stone Star Iron Star Bronze Star Silver Star Gold Star Platinum Star Rainbow Star
Stone Star Iron Star Bronze Star Silver Star Gold Star Platinum Star - By Yveltal717 Rainbow Star - By Yveltal717

What do they mean tho?

Stone Star - Okay i'm sorry,but your article is straight @$$. There is no love put into it,there was nothing redeemable about this at all. What i'll say to you is this. Working on it some more, but don't come back for a re-review until it's in pristine condition.

Iron Star - It's better, but it's still some butt. There is a little more love put into it, yet it's still severely lacking. Imma say the same thing again,come back for a re-review after you've tweaked it,yo.

Bronze Star - It's meh. It's certainly not that interesting,but hey it's better than Stone and Iron. If you feel like reworking it. GO FOR IT! I'm always open for re-reviews.

Silver Star- This is a good article! I can say you put a lot of effort into it,so I'm proud of you! However, keep trying to do more to it,and if you feel like coming back for another review,then hell. I'll gladly give you the Rainbow Star you deserve.

Gold Star- This is great! So much love and determination was put into this. But like the other,strive to get higher. I know you can do it. I believe in you. :D

Platinum Star - This article is the bomb-diggety. It has so much love, determination and style! Omg, i'm so impressed,but there is one more star that you should try to strive for in this review, so don't give up just yet!

Rainbow Star - I have nothing to say. This is an amazing article. It's Well made. It's Legendary. You should feel amazing just for making it exist.


Game Star Description

Mario Kart Sprint

Rainbow Star - By Yveltal717 Wow! Uhm this is the first article i've done....and it's a fecking rainbow star. This game has a lot of time, energy and determination put into it. The grammar is in check, it has interesting concepts,and a wide variety of characters (My character would be BoomBoom)! Most importantly, the is a HELLA amount of love put into this! Ziegs keep up the awesome work!!

Sonic Blur: Episode α

Gold Star

Okay,Okay! This article is great! It has a lot of cool things,but originality wise,ehhhhhh it's lacking. But hey you aren't at a total loss. Whenever Sonic Team tries something new, it usually turns out to be garbage. It certainly has love,and determination. Not to mention it's neat and well grammared. You should be proud of what you've got so far.

One more quick thing is that,while it may be well structured, the story section is quite wordy and throws everything at you all at once,but that's just my opinion, great work.

Brawl of the Fandroxonians

Platinum Star - By Yveltal717

Oooooooh,this is really nice. I love this game because it most certainly has love, it has a wide variety of characters and it is well structured. I think the only thing that seems to be bothering me is that the page just seems empty except for the section at the bottom. You have a lot.and it's good, but it just seems bland for the first 2 quarters of the page,in a sense. 

Hey, you got a platinum star that's awesome,yo.


Gold Star

This is a pretty great article. I love the unique gameplay options, and I love the wild variety in characters. Hell, some of the characters have become some of my favorites.

However, I feel as if i'm unsure about what exactly is going on in the game. BUT, development has it's quirks so it's not all that bad. There is definitely love, put into this. So this is worthy of a Gold Star


Please put your requests here!! Also if you would like a Re-Review,put you request here,but add "Re-wYnd" at the end.

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