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A Day in the Life of a Whacka is a fan-fiction, written by Mikayylmao (tbc), about how Whackas live and what they experience in just one day. The story was rated E10+ and had been nominated for the Story of the Year award. Given many positive reviews, this story is widely recognized as a classic.


"Ah another beautiful sunrise atop of Mt. Rugged once again! No hairy plumber smackin' me with a hammer, just some peace and quie-!"

The young Whacka stopped as a mallet made of sheer wood was brought down upon her tiny head. Her eyes watered up and began to weep as a pastry popped out of her head. The assaulter took the pastry and traversed away, leaving the young Whacka in astonishing amounts of pain. The bump that once barely popped out of her head began to swell. She slumped over, and struggled getting up.

"NOOOOOOO!" shouted the young Whacka's mother as she erupted from the ground beside her.

"Everything is gonna be okay, sweetheart. Everything is going to be okay....." sniffled the mother Whacka to her daughter.

Chapter 1: Sunrise

Lil' Whacka tossed and turned in his bed, inside his family's burrow. He began to stress about his family, seeming as his younger sister, Lil' Whackette, had been hit in the head by a man in the overalls with a gigantic wooden hammer the day before. His father, Papa Whacka, was on his last pastry; one more hit and his fragile life would crumble before him. Mama Whacka, his mother, was going through some sort of nervous break-down after Lil' Whackette was struck upon by the man-in-the-overalls. Eventually, Lil' Whacka sprang up from his bed and emerged from the surface of the earth. Morning! thought Lil' Whacka, Best be getting everyone up! So Lil' Whacka went back into his burrow and shouted, "MORNING! GET UP, SLEEPY-HEADS!". Everybody shuffled out of bed and popped up out of their burrow.

"Another day we have to fear the man-in-the-overalls...." mumbled Papa Whacka.

"Relax honey...., I'll make a nice, warm breakfast to start our day off...." ensured Mama Whacka.

Chapter 2: Breakfast

"Why? Why does this happen to us? We do so much for the land creatures by fertilizing their soil, and all we get in return is a whack to the face?" complained Papa Whacka as he nibbled on the egg white on his plate (since the Whackas' bodily appearance is unknown, this family eats like dogs; they eat the food with no assistance with any other body parts).

"Well Papa......maybe one day we can go to the that reserve that that other Whacka told us abo--," started Lil' Whackette.

"STOP! THERE IS NO RESERVE. THERE WILL NEVER BE A RESERVE. Your little "reserve" is just a myth!" shouted Papa Whacka. He stormed from the table and dug up through the burrow. Lil' Whackette began to cry.

"Oh honey, you know how your father gets upset..... Would you like to harvest eggs with me? Would that make you feel better, sweetheart?" suggested Mama Whacka. Lil' Whackette nodded with a little smile emerging from the tears.

"Ok, Lil' Whacka! Your sister and I are going to harvest the eggs. You behave yourself, young man! Don't upset your father!" called Mama Whacka. Lil' Whacka waited for five minutes after the two left, then he popped out of the burrow.

Chapter 3: Noon

Lil' Whacka grew incredibly bored throughout noon and began randomly burrowing across the land, creating large circles of crumbled trails of dirt. "What in the Whacka's World am I supposed to do for the rest of the day?" questioned Lil' Whacka. However, before he could finish his thought, a large shadow cast over him. It was the man-in-the-overalls, trying to claim Lil' Whacka's pastry! The man-in-the-overalls swung his hammer at Lil' Whacka, but thanks to the slope he was on, the forceful swing missed, and gave Lil' Whacka more time to react. In the blink of an eye, Lil' Whacka popped underground and cowered in his burrow until the man-in-the-overalls left. However, in frustration, the man kept pounding on the dirt, and began swearing profusely in Italian, until, finally, he trodded off.

...It will never be safe..., thought the frightened Whacka. Quietly sobbing, Lil' Whacka slowly dug his way back to the family burrow.

Chapter 4: Dinner

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