Welcome to A Christmas Carol: Fantendo Edition a tale about an old man who is unhappy and dislikes Christmas, but at the end he learns all his error of his ways and becomes happy and treats everyone he was mean to...nice. Lets's head inside A Christmas Carol: Fantendo Edition.

Act 1 - Scene 1

Pesh: Hello my name is Jacob Marley and as you know I'm dead because I'm a ghost and I want to show you a man named Ebenezer Scrooge and he is a stingy and grumpy old man with a rough childhood and adult life. There are many other things I want to say to Ebenezer, but as of right now I'm going to show you him.

Dave the Rabbit: (*files paperwork*) Ugh look at all of these files I have to fix, I mean I can fight a giant poo monster named King C. Rap 3 times than doing this ridiculious paperwork....ugh.

(*knock knock*)

Dave the Rabbit: Come in!

Scyplo: Hello Uncle Scrooge

Dave: O hello Fred, what do you want?

Scyplo: See uncle I was just wondering since today is Christmas Eve can I invite over at my house for Christmas?

more of the story will be added

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