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AR Cards
Digby Ar Card

The Digby AR card

AR cards are plastic cards used to stimulate the augmented reality illusion. The "?" card is used for the games. Once the "?" card is placed on a surface and the Nintendo 3DS views it, boxes then begin to surround it, 6 boxes to be exact, and the player can choose one of 6 games to play. The game usually takes place within the perimeter of the card, and if one removes the card, then the game becomes messed up and cannot play.

Full games using the AR Cards

Pokémon TCG: 3D Edition

Pokémon TCG: 3DE is one of the game which greatly uses the AR Cards. You can buy new AR Cards, with the appearance of traditional Pokémon TCG Cards, in local game shops (in sets), and then play with those as your Card Deck.

WarioWare: Dimensioned!

This game comes with Wario, Mona and Jimmy T. AR Cards which can be used to play microgames in the AR Zone.