APs-Boo Productions
The company logo
Founder(s) Zack (User:ApsBooProductions)
Founded at/in November 2012
Headquarters Unknown
Owner(s) Zack (User:ApsBooProductions)
No. of Employee(s) 1
Predecessor ZKB inc.
APs-Boo Productions is a game company that works on original games as well as being in charge of Marvel Nintendo Crossover. The company was established in 2012, but didn't start working on games untill 2013.


APs-Boo Productions has been working on sevral games so far. Ahead is a list of games released/being developed by APs-Boo Productions:

Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!

Iron Mario

Luigi Land



Here is a list of games that are planned but not currently in development:

Fish Bone 2 (tenative title)

The Impoyoble Kulk

Unknown upcoming Pokemon game


Sign up here if you want to be a member. You will start as a normal employee and work your way up as you help with the games.

User:ApsBooProductions (President/Head game Developer)