AFROMAN (All caps) is the name of the fictional roadie/songwriter in the virtual band PK Thunder. He is a Roman zombie.


AFROMAN, as a zombie, naturally has lots of decaying flesh. As his name states, he has an afro, with a party hat resting on top, a Green Lantern T-shirt, and pajama pants with dinosaurs. He also wears Roman sandals and a rubber band around his wrist.


AFROMAN was originally an ancient Roman soldier who died in combat at the age of 21 in the 5th century BC. Due to the terrain, his body was oddly preserved and buried underground. Thousands of years later in 2010, PK Thunder was testing a special effect involiving radiation for an upcoming concert in modern-day Rome. It backfired and re-animated AFROMAN, who, after some brief lessons to get him up to date, became part of the band. eventually he was fired because he really couldn't do anything.


AFROMAN is usually seen as a ditz from both members of the band and fans, but he is not thought of in a negative light. AFROMAN himself blames this on being dead for thousands of year, saying it made him forget a lot of things. He's also clumsy and can be a bit weird/out-there, which he attributes to rotting flesh and brain. He also describes himself as a "comic book and video game geek", explaining his Green Lantern shirt.

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