Is the first episode of the first season of Animal Crossing On Air. It follows Daisy and Bluebear welcoming Stitches, the new resident in Animal Town.

Plot Summary

Bluebear and Daisy hang out at Able Sisters after school. Since the shop was close to the town hall, a cab arrived and inside was a cub named Stitches and his mother. They start to befriend Stitches and show him around town.


The script comes from the promo.

Teacher: Okay, guys?

Students: (Dozes off)

Teacher: I didn't sign up for this!

Bluebear: (Sneaks in the classroom)

Rosie: Bluebear!

Bluebear: (Looks at Rosie) What?

Rosie: Everyone can see you.

Bluebear: Oh? I'll make myself noticeable with this phrase, LOVE IT!

(Everyone looks at her)

Teacher: Bluebear get back to your seat.

Bluebear: Ok.

(the bell rings)

Teacher: Alright dismiss.

Mint: What!?

Rod: She said dismiss.

Mint: I'm not going!

Mint: ♪And I am telling you I'm not going. You're the best class I've ever know. There's no way I can ever go, ♪

(Cut to the opening theme song)

Bluebear: Hey Daisy wanna hang out at the Able Sisters?

Daisy: Sure, but do we have enough money?

Bluebear: We're Six graders in the 1st day of school! And you now what that means.

Daisy: The summer made us dumb?

Bluebear: No! It means we'll go windowshopping at the mall where the Able Sisters are located.

Daisy: Oh...

Bluebear: Race ya there!

(Scene cuts to the Mall)

Bluebear: Daisy! Look.

Daisy: What?

Bluebear: A Gracie Shirt.

Daisy: OMG.

(Suddenly Bluebear suspects a Taxi)

Bluebear: Could that be Gracie?

Daisy: Nah, It's just a boring cub with his mother.

Bluebear: Hmmm, He seems interesting, lets go and check him out.

Daisy: Sure(In a sarcastic manner)

Bluebear: Hey, I'm Bluebear.

Daisy: I'm Daisy

Stitches: I'm Stitches.

Bluebear: So Stitches what are you doing here?

Stitches: Well see, I'm moving here.

Daisy: Oh really? "Moving".

Bluebear:Come on let me show you around.

Stitches: Sure, Mom, these are Bluebear and Daisy.

Stitches' Mom: Oh hello dear.


Bluebear: And this is the Town Hall

Stitches: Interesting...Now I'm bored.

Stitches' Mom: Stitches!

Stitches: What?

Stitches' Mom: Be nice.

Stitches: Alright...

Bluebear: Okay, this is the end of the tour, I gotta go my Dad's lookuing for me.

Daisy: How did you know?

Bluebear: Mind Powers

Daisy: Okay, you two better get home then, bye Stitches, bye Stitches' Mom.

(Stitches and his mom leave)

Daisy: I gotta get home, Bluebear.

Daisy: Bluebear? Bluebear?


On May a promotional stationery for Swapnote was available for download along with the demo version of Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion. And a wallpaper is also available in Deviantart in June, it will be released the same date as Fantendo World the wallpaper will be shown before the trailer for Tales of Animal Crossing: Changing Seasons these merchandise present the show's premiere.


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