AB Enterprises
AB Enterprises
Type of Company Gaming
Founder(s) Awesome Betterhero
Owner(s) Awesome Betterhero
No. of Employee(s) Awesome Betterhero
AB Enterprises is a company that creates video games for Fantendo. It is founded and owned by Awesome Betterhero, and its mascot is Quiful Barrett.

It specializes in role-playing games.


Name Genre Console(s) Date
Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo RPG Nintendo 3DS TBA
Derek: Attack of the Teletubbies RPG Wii U TBA
Ultimate Company Smackdown Fighting TBA TBA
Mother 4 RPG Nintendo 3DS TBA
Kirby: Fighting Days Platformer Nintendo 3DS TBA
Ultra Scribblenauts Puzzle PC TBA
Nintendo Mafia Mafia

Nintendo 3DS

Quiful Barrett: Journey for Edianami RPG TBA TBA

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