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A.S. Forte
A.S. Forte
A.S.'s current design by Aiva
Full Name Aiva "A.S." Forte
Current Age 13
Date of Birth May 28, 2002
Gender female
Species Blue Moon Wolf Sarhanna
Current Status Alive
Height 5 ft, 3 in.
Weight 116 lbs.
First Appearance A.S. Forte
Ya koopa kids ain't touchin' me.
A.S. meeting the Aivalings in A.S. Forte

A.S Forte is the main persona of Aiva, and also the main protagonist in the A.S. Forte series.


Like most Sahannas and Sarharols, A.S. has feathers on her head, however, unlike most of them, she doesn't equip a helmet. She has long, brown hair. She wears a green shirt with white numbers that read "02", referencing to Aiva's birth year. She wears jeans as well. She appears to have a long, furry tail. She also appears to have claws on her hands, as well as paws. Her eyes are blue.


A.S. is a chill Sarhanna kid. She often talks in a Southern accent. She wants to help people rather than attacking them, however, if its a serious situation, she will start attacking them. A.S.has a big hate against koopalings, albeit,, she allies Aidan, Nolan, and some other koopalings at sometime. Her biggest enemy is Abel Koopagon, since he believes she's the one that turned him into a Koopagon, as Abel is confused with Etrof S.A.


Austin Khan Koopa

A.S. hates him, with a passion, as A.S. knows he's the largest and strongest of the Aivalings.

Abel Koopagon

A.S. and Abel are major enemies. Abel is confused between her and Etrof, since they look similar, of who turned him into a Koopagon.

Aiva Forte Koopa

A.S. doesn't care for her Koopa self, however, Aiva Forte believes she and A.S. are in a Time Paradox for unknown reasons.

Niko Koopameleon Jr.

A.S. is neutral about him, as she can get along with Niko at times. She knows Niko, as well as Aidan and Nolan, doesn't like fighting, so A.S. often spares him.

Aidan Koopa

A.S. is neutral about him as well. Aidan will often race with A.S., if A.S. wins, Aidan will do nothing, but if Aidan wins, both of them start laughing. A.S. knows Aidan, as well as Niko and Nolan, don't like fighting, so A.S. spares him often.