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9 Trainers, 9 Monsters, 9 Tries

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9 Trainers, 9 Monsters, 9 Tries
9 Trainers, 9 Monster, 9 Tries
Developer(s) Existence Software,
Spike Chunsoft
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing, Ltd.
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
M for Mature
Media Included 3DS game cartridge

9 Trainers, 9 Monsters, 9 Tries (Japanese: 九九九: ポケットモンスターエスケープ 999: Pocket Monsters Escape) is a spin-off of both of the Pokémon and Zero Escape series for the Nintendo 3DS. The game, similar to Hyrule Warriors, the game takes characters from a Nintendo series (Pokémon) and using the gameplay aspects of another series (Zero Escape).



As with the Zero Escape series, players must explore a facility, solving puzzles behind locked rooms in order to advance the story. The puzzles involve, for the most part, collecting items and attempting to figure out ways to use them all in order to open the exit.


There are a total of nine human characters - each given codenames to hide their true identities; dubbed "trainers" - as well as nine Pokémon. The Pokémon and the human characters have two different storylines that take place at the same time, though feature different puzzles.





  • Originally the title was to be Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Captives, 9 Doors.
Existence Software
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