5-Up Mushroom
5-Up mushroom
5-Up Mushroom.
5-Up Mushroom gives the Player 5 lives.


5-up works the same as a 1-up, but it gives you 5 lives instead of 1. If you have 10 or more lives, it gives you 10 lives. It has a "+5" instead of a circle on its head.

Note From Author

Sadly, this power-up has not been put in any games yet, but I hope to put in the game I'm going to make, New Super Mario Bros. Wii Beta. It's the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii Omega, or Δ. It is also called New Super Mario Bros. Wii Γ.

Super Mario Bros. 10

The 5-Up Mushroom appears in Super Mario Bros. 10. It is very rare, compared to the other kinds of 1-Ups. This time, it just gives 5 lives, not 10 if you have 10 more lives.

5-Up Mushroom
5-Up Mushroom.
Full Name 5-Up Mushroom
Ability/ies Gives 5 extra lives.
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 10
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros. 10

New Super Mario Bros. 5-Star Adventure (2)

5-Up Star

The 5-Up Star, the 5-Up Mushroom of the NSMB 5-Star Adventure Games

Though the 5-Up Mushroom don't appear in the NSMB 5-Star Adventure games, an item called the 5-Up Star appears with the same function

New Super Mario Bros. Hotel

Gives Mario/Luigi 5 Extra lives.


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