These are 4 player games . They are the green games where the green is pressed. Here's the list.
Green 4 player Button

Green 4 player button

  1. Bob omb race
  2. Balloon Pursuit
  3. Crayon capture
  4. Paint that wall
  5. Squirt wars
  6. Tumball time
  7. Mario Block Party
  8. Soda shakerz
  9. Bob omb danger (MPC Style)
  10. Fishy race
  11. Shy guy says (Sky)
  12. Paint war!!
  13. Boat riders
  14. Skateboard scamper 1 (Haunted house)
  15. Skatebaord scamper 2 (Dungeon)
  16. Skateboard scamper 3 (Mario world)
  17. Mario Hoops
  18. Shy guy says (Boat)
  19. Turtle race
  20. Racing derby
  21. Move to the rhythm

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