413 3D
Full Name 4.13
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Class Game & Watch/Human
Family and Relations
3.14, Heart
Main Weapon(s) Pie
The eerie white figure who looks almost exactly the same as 3.14... does every hero needs an opposite?
Tattle in Paper 3.14

4.13, whose real name is Gordon Algebraic, is 3.14's brother, and a major character in the 3.14 series.

Appearances outside the 3.14 series

Sonic Speedball RPG: The Series

4.13 is in all games so far in the SSRPG series. However, in Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Universal Frontier, he appears as 4.13y, an alternate form of himself.

Fantendo Hearts

In Fantendo Hearts, 4.13's world is destroyed by the Heartless. However, because of the strength of his heart, he was not killed but instead lost his memory.

When he is next seen, he has become an assassin-for-hire and has been sent out by an unknown person to assassinate Sandslash P.