3D Super Mario 64 is The 3DS sequel to 64_DS|Super Mario 64 DS.



Their are some playable characters that are, Very, Very, Very odd to see in a Mario game like this. The game features Mario characters, And EarthBound characters.

Image Name Description How to Unlock Stats
Yoshi 7 Yoshi Yoshi is a Green, Friendly, Dinosaur that helps Luigi & Mario save the day from Bowser. Default Power 0/5

Speed (run) 3/5 Speed (swim) 4/5 Jump 5/5

Mario 7 Mario Mario is flung behind a door with Goomboss and is necessary to find. Using Yoshi, from the starting point in the castle, the player should go up the stairs and to the right door. The player should go straight to the next door, go through the 8 star door and hop into the Mario painting. The player has to fight Goomboss for the M Key by jumping into a hollowed tree stump at the highest point of the level. Then the player has to go back to room with the stained glass windows with Peach on them and unlock the M Room to find Mario. As the most balanced of the four playable characters, Mario plays very much the same as he did in the original Super Mario 64, with good all-round capabilities. Mario Unlockable Power 3/5

Speed (run) 2/5 Speed (swim) 3/5 Jump 3/5

LuigiMarioPartyDS Luigi Luigi is Mario's cowardly brother, That help's him on various tasks. Luigi is a good overall character, But he is very fast. In fact, He is the fastest! Unlockable Power 3/5

Speed (run) 5/5 Speed (swim) 5/5 Jump 5/5

Wario5 Wario Wario is Mario's greedy, Money-loving rival, But sometimes will help alongside him to save the day from The Evil Bowser. Wario is very strong in the game. Unlockable Power 4/5

Speed (run) 3/5 Speed (swim) 3/5 Jump 1/5

Waluigi SMW Waluigi As opposed to Wario being the rival to Mario, Waluigi is the rival To Luigi. For many years, People started rumors that Waluigi was in, Super Mario 64 DS. Well now, He's in the actual adventure. Waluigi is a quick character, Who can also jump very high. Unlockable Power 1/5

Speed (run) 4/5 Speed (swim) 3/5 Jump 5/5

DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is the hero of the jungle, And saves The Crystal Coconut from the Evil King K. Rool. DK is a very fast character, Who his also very powerful, Alongside Wario. Unlockable Power 4/5

Speed (run) 4/5 Speed (swim) 3/5 Jump 1/5

Chief Chilly Chief Chilly You might be thinking to yourself, And asking, Why in the world is Chief Chilly playable in the game. Well he has some COOL Stats. Chief Chilly is fast, And he is the most powerful person in the game. Unlockable Power 5/5

Speed (run) 4/5 Speed (swim) 3/5 Jump 1/5

500px-Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Professor Elvin Gadd E. Gadd is from The Luigi's Mansion series of games. E. Gadd is a quick, And powerful character. Unlockable Power 4/5

Speed (run) 4/5 Speed (swim) 3/5 Jump 1/5

Ness Ness Out of all the characters in the game, Ness would haft to be the most out of place character. Ness is the hero of the tiny Nintendo franchise, EarthBound. Ness is a quick, And powerful character. Unlockable Power 4/5

Speed (run) 4/5 Speed (swim) 4/5 Jump 3/5

The levels, The story, And The bosses, Are the same as in The 2 prequels.

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