3. 14 Worlds is a reboot of 3.14 announced at the Fantendo 8th Anniversary Showcase. A trailer was shown, showing a basic concept for the game and some of the characters. The game follows directly after the events in Fantendo - Genesis, with 3.14, Flicker, and some of A22's other attempts at creating Ambients leave Earth. They come across a planet full of other Ambients who welcome them and they soon call this new planet home. But 3.14 soon discovers a dark secret about this world...

Showcase Trailer

The trailer begins with a robotic voice similar to that of a vocaloid's speaking, asking if anyone is there. It cuts to black and we see 3.14 and a mysterious girl that flickers on docking bay of a ship.

We then see various planets pass by the ship as well as some gameplay showcasing 3.14's ability to merge with technology by seamlessly transplanting himself to a TV screen. We also see 3.14, the girl on the ship, and two younger girls who have a skull for a head and a diver's helmet receptively. The trailer cuts to a mass of glitched video.


The story of 3.14 Worlds will be about 20 chapters long like Strafe: Warzones. Not much is really known about it at the moment.

Chapter 1: Intro

we ѕeeĸ creaтιon coммander_

GlitchLine 314Worlds
314Globe 1

3.14 admires the sunset, basking into it's artificial glow as the emerald grass sways ever so slightly in the breeze. His thoughts, while digital, remain focused onto the the purity of intelligence. Nobody tries to be evil, right? That is his mission, to prove that sentiment right. Nobody tries to be evil.

314Globe 2

A brown-haired girl in a red cape and a green-shirted man stand on a metal platform, admiring the night as they stand next to each other. This is their worlds. They created them. They are proud of them, regardless of how many lives it had to take to keep them functional...

314Globe 4

Flicker stands on the side of a cloud, wondering what she could have been if the operation hadn't made her like this. Was it worth it? To become a digital being instead of flesh and bone? She remembers her former name and shudders. She can never go back.

GlitchLine 314Worlds


Chapter 2: Sad Machine



Flicker: Is anyone there?

3.14 drifts into view.

Flicker: Oh.

Flicker beams.

Flicker: Hi!
Flicker: ...I always thought Earth was the only place that could hold intelligent life. When I was... human... that's what I thought. With that Unten guy... now I know that's not true.
3.14: Unten's a good guy.
Flicker: I wasn't saying that as a negative thing... it's just... out of the vast universe, can we ever find a place we can call home? Will it take millions of years to do so?
3.14: Patience is the key to happiness.
Flicker: I guess so...

Flicker taps the glass.

3.14: Anything interesting?
Flicker: No... just bored.

3.14 nods as he floats into the lower crevices of the ship. He spots Synda and Qhua.

3.14: Hey.
Synda: Hi 3.14!
Qhua: Hi.

3.14 waves at them as he floats to the left room, where Katie mutters gibberish. He waves at her, but she doesn't even look at him. He looks to the right to see Light scornfully looking at him.

3.14: Something wrong?

Light gives him a stink-eye.

3.14: ...alright.
3.14: Is she alright?
Light: You've awakened her. She depends on you now.
3.14: The 314WorldCensor does that mean-?
Light: During her brief moments of coherency, she sings stuff like that.
3.14: What is her deal anyway?
Light: Nobody knows...

3.14 heads into Katie's room.

Katie: FDUUDUDIWIOEJETN- (singing) On a lonely night

Was a blinding light.
A hundred leaders would be borne of you.

3.14: !
Katie: And though I know, since you've awakened her again

She depends on you, she depends on you She'll go alone, and never speak of this again We depend on you, we depend on you And though I know, since you've awakened her again She depends on you, she depends on you She'll go alone, and never speak of this again We depend on you, we depend (I'll depend on you) I don't know much about your life beyond these walls The fleeting sense of love within these God-forsaken halls And I can hear it in his voice, in every call This girl who's slept a hundred years has something after all- GUJHUJFHFHH.

3.14: That was really lovely...

Katie doesn't respond. 3.14 floats back up to Flicker.

3.14: Where are we now?
Flicker: Nowhere interesting yet. But I'll keep looking!

3.14 lays back into the air.

3.14: (whispering to himself) This girl who's slept a hundred years has something after all...

Chapter 3: Easy



3.14 looks at the binary move through his hands.

Flicker: Hey... hey...

Flicker's hair flickers as she looks at 3.14.

3.14: Yes, Flicker?
Flicker: You ever feel like this felt too easy? Surely we would have had a malfunction by now or... I mean we are programs, living in a real world space...
3.14: Well...
Flicker: I mean I'm not asking for things to become hard all the sudden but it just seems natural that the ship would experience something bad...
3.14: Well, everything's been working fine so I don't know why I should concern myself over it yet...
Flicker: Mhmm.
3.14: Look, we'll go to the engine to make sure everything's fine, okay?

3.14 and Flicker make their way down to the engine.

3.14: See, everything is fine.
Flicker: Mmph...

The engine begins to spark.

Flicker: Is that fine?
3.14: I'm not really sure...

A cat peeks out.

Flicker: Aw, it's a cat...

Cat comes out fully, revealing it has skeletal half.

Flicker: Ah! What the?!
Cat: Oh hey.
3.14: What even is going on... how did you get in here?
Cat: My, my, wouldn't you like to know?

The cat purrs as it stretches out onto the floor.

Flicker: Are you dead, are you alive? What is even going on with this cat-
Cat: Either both, neither or like in between I guess? I dunno, I'm a crude representation of the Schrödinger's cat, I think.
3.14: Do you know anything...?
Cat: Name's Hyde.
3.14: Oh, ok-
Flicker: God, okay, so now we have THIS on board.
3.14: You said things seemed too easy, didn't you?

Flicker shoots him a death glance.

Flicker: Anyway, stay out of the engine room, Hyde.
Hyde: Got it.

Flicker storms to the window, watching the stars as she huffs. 3.14 stands next to her on the railing.

3.14: You okay...?
Flicker: Yeah... I'm just fine.
3.14: Okay.
Flicker: You're not going to go away, are you?
3.14: Well, I just figured something was wrong because you got upset when you realized Hyde was now aboard.
Flicker: I just... I kind of feel like I'm always messing up and that's why it felt eerie to me that everything was going fine until we checked the engine room and now we have a creepy-ass cat...
3.14: He was gonna be there whether we went to go check or not.
Flicker: Was he?

The two stand there in silence for a moment.

3.14: That's one of the great paradoxes in life, isn't it?
Flicker: Everybody on this ship used to be someone else. I was a boy. The others were people before this too-
3.14: Are we no longer people anymore?
Flicker: I dunno. I'm a living error...
3.14: No you're not... look, I don't know why you keep calling yourself that.
Flicker: Something went wrong. You can't deny that. Nobody knows how to fix that.
3.14: Right... but just because something went wrong doesn't mean it has to be a mistake-
Flicker: Then WHAT am I? A wretched piece of shit that shouldn't exist? The elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about?
3.14: I...
Flicker: I guess that applies to everyone on board, doesn't it?
3.14: Well...
Flicker: I left everything behind to become something worse than I felt before. I bug out; I can't hold a fork to eat sometimes, sometimes it just falls through my jaw or it just falls out of my stomach during digestion. Eating, one of the easiest things to do, feels like an absolute abomination to go through sometimes.
3.14: Yet despite that... you're a woman. It presented new challenges to you, but now you have to overcome those.

Flicker sits down, holding her knees.

Flicker: I just wanna be done.
3.14: The great thing about life is that it's always in progress, always under construction... nobody's ever done because they can still improve.
Flicker: There's so much though... so much to be done.

3.14 hugs her. Flicker hugs back.

Chapter 4: Sea of Voices

The ship goes through a sea of sound.

Chapter 5: Unison

The ship finds the Amordi Belt.

Chapter 6: Fresh Static Snow

3.14 and friends have fun in the snow.

Chapter 7: Divinity

3.14 discovers something awful.

Chapter 8: Years of War

3.14 discovers more awful things.

Chapter 9: Polygon Dust

3.14 has a confrontation with Light.

Chapter 10: Hear the Bells

Flicker sets out onto a sea of light.

Chapter 11: Natural Light

Flicker continues down the sea of light.

Chapter 12: Broken Ship Ruse

3.14 blows the ship on purpose.

Chapter 13: Sea of Voices II

3.14 meets a lovely voice on the radio.

Chapter 14: Fellow Feeling

3.14 and Katie dance as the darkest hours arrive.

Chapter 15: OK

3.14 has to calm Katie the hell down.

Chapter 16: La Lune

3.14 looks at the moon with the people he has left.

Chapter 17: Not Home

Flicker returns.

Chapter 18: Pixel Empire

Things come to the ramping conclusions they were meant to be.

Chapter 19: Imperium

The final confrontations come to be.

Chapter 20: Goodbye to a World

The finale.


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  • The story is inspired by the album Worlds by Porter Robinson, with some segments inspired off Adventure by Madeon. One segment is also inspired by Finale by the band 65daysofstatic's album Silent Running.
  • The story is the last of the originally planned stories in the Genesis Arc that was set up during the development of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. Due to the long period of time that takes place in the story, it can be seen as it's conclusion.
  • The original pitch was based off paradoxes, however the only thing in the original plan that ultimately remains in is Hyde.
  • It was originally set to be a game and the story would have only been one of the many worlds in the game, albeit in a more condensed form and not as seen in the final product.