3.14 Unleashed is Bomb Productions Games's contribution to 3.14 Day 2010. It is for the Nintendo DS. JesseRoo (tbc) can make any edits he sees necessary.


Not long after 3.14, or Coal Algebraic's, latest adventure, Half O' 3 was giving 3.14 another boring lecture on his supposed "history" and 3.14 himself was daydreaming about pie. When Half O' 3 noticed this, he scolded 3.14 and gave him yet another lecture on how he never listens and is apparently "mental" when he noticed 3.14 was drifting off a second time. This annoyed O' 3 greatly, so he removed an unusual staff from a secret area of the hut the two were in and zapped 3.14 with it, making 3.14 disappear out of thin air. "Now he will learn from his actions..." said O' 3, and he walked out of the hut...

Suddenly, 3.14 finds himself in a 18th Century version of Hyrule. Dazed and confused, he doesn't know where to go. The townspeople are going on with their daily lives. After a while of roaming around, it becomes the evening. A full moon is out. 3.14 is gazing longingly up at the full moon, thinking how much it looks like a pie. The moon's light shines down upon him. Suddenly, 3.14 falls to the ground and undergoes a hideous transformation... He becomes muscular and huge, long wolf ears grow on his head, he grows black fur, huge teeth, and long arms with horrible claws. 3.14 was a werewolf. The townspeople screamed and ran away at the sight of him. However, there was one person who was not running. It was Strafe, who was actually running towards Were 3.14 with his dual pistols. However, Strafe looked a bit different, wearing 18th Century clothes. Strafe shot at Were 3.14 with his pistols, but Were 3.14 either dodged the bullets or smacked them away with his claws.

More to come...

Playable Characters