3.14: Warped is a Super Mario World hack being done by Shroobario using Lunar Magic. It stars 3.14 (and 4.13 if you play two player). Bosses and characters from other Fantendo games will be appearing.


From what is known, the game will play very similarly to Super Mario World, with the only changes being the levels, graphics and minor new additions.

Possible Additions

  • NPC system
    • Shroobario may be implementing an NPC system, so that more characters can get some representation.


If one of your characters is listed here and you do not want them, please remove them


  • World 1 - Central Universe
  • World 2 - Unknown
  • World 3 - Unknown
  • World 4 - Unknown
  • World 5 - Unknown
  • World 6 - Unknown
  • World 7 - Unknown
  • World 8 - Unknown


  • The game's name is a parody of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

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