2 4 Historia Kapitel I
Publisher(s) Learnsoft
Platform(s) Mental Mind, Mental Mind Remastered, Learnphone, Learnphone U
Release Date(s)
January 24, 2015
Age Rating(s)
IGN 9/10
Genre(s) Adventure
Series 2 4 Historia
Predecessor None
Successor 2 4 Historia Kapitel II
Media Included None so far
 2 4 Historia Kapitel I is the first game in the 2 4 Historia series.


Name Description
Swen Fitzgerald
Is 9 years old and has a friend named Maio Smith.
Maio Smith
Is 9 years old and has a friend named Swen Fitzgerald.
Tids Maskin
Time Machine Concept(3)
The time machine
Tids Thief
he splits himself in 9 time places


Level I: On the way to Tids Maskin, you must avoid bullies.The secret Tids Maskin medal piece is in the room behind Tids Maskin. there is 18 Tids Maskin medal pieces to get. getting all will get you a award.

Level II: Find the pieces hidden in the village. The villagers will give you clues to find the pieces. There are 2 pieces to find. Getting both pieces give you part of the medal.

Level III: Beat Tids Thief and he will drop a piece of the medal to pick up.


Extra Tids Maskin-gives you another life


Joy stick to move

A to attack

B to use something and pick stuff up

C to chat

X to restart level

Y to go to Main Menu

Z to jump

Home to quit and save game

Other Enemies 

Name Description
level 1 enemies you can not defeat
170px-Rostock Schmidt Lehrer-Student
restart level if one sees you

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