21st Century Hippy World
Genre(s) Comedy, Sitcom
Original Language English
21st Century Hippy World is a script-show created by L. Thomson and John Mogwai, who both run the production company GTDH Productions.


The show focuses on a group of young hippies get caught up in the life of the typing 21st century American, they need to keep life simple, but also keep up with the "times".


Series creator L. Thomson initially announced the series to debut in early 2012, but has now been listed as "TBA" due to production taking a two-month halt. With production now resuming the show may see a late-2012 or early to mid-2013 release.


L. Thomson came up with the idea for the show in late 2011. Thomson then ditched the idea, but then re-discovered it and consulted John Mogwai about making the show with him and Mogwai agreed.


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L. Thomson has stated he wants to make at least 6 episodes.


The show is set in a foreigner-imagined version of Miami called Pine Tree Valley.

Main Characters

Lauren Johnstone

Bruce Herbert

Flo Paull

Quincy Harris

Richard Halswinger