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Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Release Date(s)
America: May 7th, 2015

Japan: May 1st, 2015

Australia: May 9th, 2015

Europe: May 21st, 2015

Age Rating(s)
 "2045" is an action-adventure game made for the Wii U . It was developed by Icy Cold Gaming Industries. and published by the gaming company, Nintendo. It was released in May 7, 2015 in America, May 1 in Japan, May 9 in Australia, and May 21st in Europe. It's a reboot of the iconic series, That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember, and takes place in alternate timeline. It stars voice actors like Anthony Del Rio, Ryan Potter, and S. Scott Bullock, and has a sequel planned already.


2045 is an action-adventure game. The game has 15 worlds for you to explore, not counting the hub world, North Stationary. You get to play as five characters: UntenFantiAuvreyMilli, and Alice Virsank. Each has a special ability to traverse through the worlds.

-Unten, even if he is the main hero, isn't balanced. What he lacks in strengh is something he makes up for in speed.

-Fanti is the smallest character in the game. He can run through tiny spaces to get collectibles. He's the fastest character in the game, too!

-Auvrey is pretty slow, but he actually has best strengh in the game. Able to KO strong enemies in 5 hits, brawn never felt so good!

-Milli is the tough girl, and has pretty good strengh AND speed! However, her main method of attack is a katana, making her the only playable character in the game to has a sword as default.

-Alice is speedy, but not powerful at all...except for her special move, in which she "beautifies" any enemies in her sight, making them dizzy, then she released a flurry of punches!

You can also switch between each character at will, using the D-Pad.

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