I created you, and now we can take you out!
Jake, About to fight HAX in Game Freak: HAX and the Textured Hero.

1337 nn4~
1337 nn4~, the rightful hero of "The Game".
Full Name |_[-[-'][' |\/|/-\|\|
Location Unknown
Class Villain
Hero (formerly)
Main Weapon(s) Hacks

1337 nn4~ (also spelled L33T M4N, Leet Man and |_[-[-'][' |\/|/-\|\|) is the rightful hero of "The Game", that becomes a villain during the events of the second game


I am the forbidden. I am the darkness. I am... stick-underscore-left bracket-hyphen-left bracket-hyphen stick-front slash-back slash-stick-back slash-hyphen-front slash-stick-front slash-stick!!
L33T M4N

Good Guys

Leet Man
L33T M4N


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