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1-Down Mushroom
A 1-Down Mushroom in New Super Mario Bros. Omega
Item Type Other
Kind of Item Mushroom
First Appearance Super Mario World: Wii
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y
Takes a life from Mario away, hence the name.
Related Items
1-Up Mushroom
Poison Mushroom

1-Down Mushrooms are items that does not give Mario an extra life, unlike the 1-Up Mushrooms. Instead, they either take a life away, with Mario unharmed (until it's his last life), or they simply make him die, no matter which Power-Up he has. They have different appearances. Some look really like they are poisonous (with different colors), but they sometimes look like the real 1-Up Mushrooms, thus being a trap. Similar items are Poison Mushrooms, that does the reverse of a Super Mushroom.




  • 1-Down Mushrooms in New Super Mario Bros. Omega have references to the Super Mushroom. At first, it has red spots (like a Super Mushroom's cap is red), while the 1-Down Mushroom's cap is dark cyan (cyan is the inverted RGB color of red, this color is dark for being a negative item).
    • Red is the inverted RYB color of green, showing its inverted effect of a 1-Up Mushroom.
  • The 1-Down Mushrooms in New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. is styled after the Poison Mushroom from the Super Smash Bros. series, hence the dark-pale lime-green color.
  • The Poison Mushroom in Super Mario World: Wii has the same colors as a 1-Up Mushroom, only switched. Instead of having a green cap, they have a white cap. Instead of white spots, it has bright green spots.

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