Those are all Bosses in Super Sam Squad.

Boss Name (WX) How to Defeat: Attacks:
Bowser Jr. (W1) Same as in NSMBW, second fight. Same as in NSMBW.
Mario. (W2) Jump on him thrice to defeat him. Jump and Stomp, Ground Pound, Fire Flower (After 2nd hit.)
Luigi. (W3) Same as Mario. Jump and Stomp, Spin Jump, Yoshi Riding (After 2nd hit.)
Kamek. (W4) Same as in NSMBW, but with fewer transformable blocks, as you must jump on him three times. Spellball, Teleport (Not really an attack), Multiplication (Summon two fake Kamek, after 2nd hit.)
Clone Ludwig. (W5) Same as the original Ludwig, but takes 4 times. Spellball, Flutter and Ground Pound, Clone Summon.
Clone Mario & Luigi. (W6) Same as the original Mario Bros, but this time fought together. Same as Mario/Luigi.
Clone Bowser and son. (W7) Same as in NSMB, but need to press the buttin twice. Same as in NSMB, and Clone Summon.
Clone King. (1st Phase W8 Boss) Jump on him 5 times when he performed Heavy Ground Pound. (Click here for details.)
Clarx. (2nd and last Phase W8 Boss) Jump on him 10 times, and you can stomp him twice or thrice in a row. Same as Marx from Kirby Super Star, but faster and random order.
Wario and Waluigi. (W9) Jump on each of them 3 times.
  • Wario: Shoulder Charge, Bob-Omb Throw.
  • Waluigi: Super Jump, Bob-Omb Throw.
Rayquaza. (Easter Egg Boss, W3-6) Jump on him 5 times, or even throw Iceballs at him 4 times. Outrage, Dragon Pusle, Fly, Extremespeed, Earthquake, Roar, Thunderbolt, Protect.


  • There are more difficult Bosses than New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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