Sheik (pronounced /ˈʃiːk/ sheek)[2] is Princess Zelda disguised as a male Sheikah.[3] He[note 1] claims to be the survivor of the Sheikahs.[1] Sheik aids Link on his quest by teaching him various warp songs with his Harp. He does not reveal his identity or motives to Link until all the Sages are freed.


  • * you must wait three seconds before repeating the same move
Type mouverest  mouverest Inspired
Classic-Attacks: Knife Zelda Battle Royal
Special Attack-Normal Harp Hyrule Warrior
Special Attack-Side Nocturne of Shadow ** Ocarina of time
Special Attack-Top Minuet of Forest ** Ocarina of time
-Special Attack Down Serenade of Water ** ocarina of time
Distance-Attacks  Bolero of Fire ** ocarina of time
-Defensive Attacks

Prelude of Light **

ocarina of time
-Final Smash

Requiem of Spirit

ocarina of time

Palett Swap

  • Ocarina Sheik
  • Black Sheik
  • Super Smash Bros Sheik
  • White Sheik
  • Yellow Sheik

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