Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Ability/ies Flight
First Appearance Kirby: Next Age
Latest Appearance Age of Aquarius
Family and Relations
Kirby - "offspring"; clone

is a Kirby recolor born on January 31, 0001 P. C. upon the date Kirby was sacrificed and the clone sequence began. ♒ was the first of his kind and possesses the special ability of flight based on wings rather than the standard air float technique of the Kirby species.



♒ is a clone of Kirby, and therefore is practically identical to him despite a blue skin color as well as an occasionally worn orange wig.


Taking many traits from the average person born within the timeframe of his namesake zodiac sign, ♒ is a quiet and independent being much unlike most of his race. ♒ thinks things through intensively and will generally always have a plan to get things done usually very significantly, sometimes making things more complicated than they need to be. He will usually take charge of things if he has the freedom to adventure alone, and has been proven brave and heroic on several occasions. ♒ rarely talks about his inner thoughts and dreams and appears to be very shady, though he is usually very kind and a smile can usually be found upon his face, except in grim scenarios.


Meta Knight

If it were not for Meta Knight's unknown intentions which caused Kirby to be sacrificed, ♒ would have never been created; while it is unknown if the two have ever met, ♒ is likely very thankful and supportive of Meta Knight's quest.

Waddle Doos

A tribe of Waddle Doos worked as a team to allow Kirby's race to infinitely continue, which ♒ is similarly thankful for. ♒ treats the Waddle Doos with respect and as friends, and they are always willing to lend a hand to him or any other Kirby recolor.

Kirby Recolors

It is unknown if ♒ has met any other Kirby recolors, but it is assumed that his relationship with any of them would be shaky if not rough due to almost a sense of feeling replaced or unneeded by one another, as they are all essentially clones of Kirby.



  • ♒ was originally supposed to be a standalone character unrelated to Kirby, created by TechBreloom (tbc) in 2012. It was later linked due to its appearance being too similar, and its old design was scrapped in favor of a recolor concept.
  • ♒ was originally to be named Pickle.