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Σ Neos
Developer(s) Locked Gaming
Console Type Home console system.
Subtype(s) Σ Neos²*
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan January 5, 2014.
25px-Flag of USA January 5, 2014.
25px-Flag of Europe January 5, 2014.
25px-Flag of Australia January 5, 2014.
Wi-Fi connection.
Support to games available on the BL4ST.
Support to indie developers.
Σ Neos (also known as Sigma Neos) is a eighth-generation console released by Locked Gaming. It is a console system which uses a touch-screen controller, similar to the Wii U, however the controller itself is modeled after a Sega Genesis controller. Σ Neos uses a graphic and sound card used in most modern computers.

Σ Neos supports indie games. Indie developers can publish their games on the Σ Market, the game will be checked by a team of players, if the game recieves a low score for being bad, it will be pulled out of the market and the developer will recieve a warning. If it recieves a good score, the game will be published.


Σ Neos started development in 2012, five months before the E3 of that year. It was supposed to be shown at E3, but it wasn't ready to be shown, instead a teaser trailer was shown. Later that year, Locked Gaming showed a fully working prototype of the Σ Neos, showing footage of Cave Story Σ.

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