Ángel (FA)
Full Name Ángel
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Fantenville
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Chair Leg

Angel's Spear


Voice Actor(s)
Yami no Tenshi (tbc)

Ángel Alange-Tenshi (official last name pending) is a character in Fantendo Adventure and Fantendo Adventure 2: Void of Darkness. His weapons of choice are the Chair Leg and the Angel's Spear. Later on her gets a new weapon called Rosita that is a type of tube with a retractable spear/sword inside.


Fantendo Adventure

Ángel has short dark black hair and dark brown eyes. He has a tanned skin complexion. He wears a casual rainy blue suit and a pale blue shirt underneath.

Fantendo Adventure 2: Void of Darkness

Ángel is shown with slightly more formal hair and a more casual outfit, consisting of an untucked deep rain plaid shirt and pale rain jeans. His skin is slightly darker than before as well.


Angel's Story

Ángel fails to defeat Unten in the end game.

Brochi's Story

Ángel is part of a rival group but joins Brochi's group after a conflict. He is later shot dead by Ross.

Brock's Story

Ángel is attacked by a zombified Ursula and is put down by Xanadu.

Eva's Story

Ángel drowns when a cave floods with water while looking for shelter. He is later put down by Marina.

Hayden's Story

Ángel is bitten by a Zombie and retreats to a tower with Eva, he turns and falls out the window with her while trying to attack her.

Jorge's Story

Ángel's legs are cut off by Nevaeh and dies from bloodloss. He is later put down by Xanadu.

Marina's Story

Ángel smashes his head on a rock and dies while trying to jump away from a herd.

Nicholas' Story

Ángel is one of the Midnight Murders.

Pablo's Story

Ángel falls into a pit of radioactive waste and mutates before exploding.

Rebelle's Story

Ángel lives in Rebelle's Story.

Rick's Story

Ángel commits suicide after eating part of Eva.

Locky's Story

Ángel is killed as a hostage by Ross.

Sam's Story

Ángel is pushed off a building my Marina.

Sora's Story

Ángel dies from toxic gases and is put down by Sora.

Steli's Story

Ángel dies when an elevator crushes him.

Tom's Story

Ángel's head is cut off by a propellor blade.

Tucker's Story

Ángel is hit by oncomming traffic.

Tyler's Story

Ángel and Ursula attempt double suicide but Ursula changes her mind and runs away after she shoots him.

Yellow's Story

Ángel dies during the capsizing after falling from an elevator.

Relationships with other Characters


Ángel's Story

See full article here.

 After walking towards a large shadow shaped like a giant teddy-bear, Angel noticed some rotten corpses and body parts belonging to the missing Towns People, the corpse were vibrating as if they where having a fit. A thick misty fog filled the air making it hard to see where he was going. Angel decided to turn back but got stopped in his tracks when a large creature appeared in front of him, towering over him like a mountain. The beast spoke in a strange language similar to human speech, but it was impossible to tell what it was saying. Angel ran past the beast and back to Fantenville only to find it in havoc because of an outbreak of the un-dead has started to attack the people of Fantenville. Angel decided to look for some of his friends and wants to leave the town, he gathers Eva, Pablo, Tom and Brochi and then leaves in Pablo's RV. The drive through Tendo City but crash into a hotel in the chaos of the Zombies sadly killing Brochi and knocking out Angel in the crash.


  • Ángel's Story is the only story to not have any affecting multiple choices.
    • This is because most players choose him to start off with making him an almost tutorial character.
  • Sometimes the accent is missing from his name.
  • 2 of his deaths involve elevators.
    • He also managed to survive a crashing elevator in his story.
  • He is based on the user Yami no Tenshi (tbc).

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