¼ and ♫ (tenitive title) is a Massivly Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It will realese sometimes next summer. It will be avalable for the Nintendo 3DS. It is being co-developed by Retro Studios and uSoft.


Q&M allows you to to play online, DS Download Play, and by youself. You choose a proffesion, either Scribe's, Magician's, or Explorer's Apprentice. As you move through the twenty levels, you will end up saving the world, succeding your menter, and unlocking the Golden Lock. The twenty levels, Servant, Recruit, Helper, Eary Apprentice, Mid Apprentice, Senior Apprentice, The Seventh Code, To-Be Mentor, Early Apprentices' Mentor, The Favorite One, The Grand Helper, Golden Mentor, Succeser, The Real Deal, Big Talk, Master Skilled, Mentor, Sn. Menter, Apprentice Mentor, The Man of Gold, are the key to unlocking the Golden Lock, which gives you many bonuses including a faster self and a steed, prevoiusly crazy expensive. Online features allow chatting and mobs, group of people, rushing into harder enemies and bosses together.


Weapons are a common element in the Q&M game(s).

Image Name Description Level Needed Proffesion(s) Needed Cost
PocketKnife QM Pocket Knife Pokect Knifes are the simplest weapon around. Battling with it is the worst idea ever, unless you need to kill the mice. Servant All
ScribePen QM Scribe's Pen A even more simple weapon, the Scribe's Pen can deal little damage to other creatures. Servant Scribe
Blunt Dagger The most damage-dealing servant's weapon, the blunt dagger allows Explorers to be battle-ready at all times. Servant Explorer, Magician
Dwarf Sword Dwarf Swords are avalable in five colors, Flame Red, Aqua Blue, Marine Blue, Leaf Green, and Heart Gold. Not that it matters... Servant All 25π
Blue Bird's Staff Are you trusted? If you are a Magician, than you will be given this staff if you are! Recruit Magician Priceless


The Currency is little coins called Pi (π).

Refrences to Series

  • Pokemon: The Scribe Pen's "P" form is a refrence to Pikachu, along with the yellow color, Dwarf Sword colours Leaf Green and Heart Gold are a refrence to Pokemon HeartGold and LeafGreen versions.
  • Mario: In the Japanese version, The Man of Gold rank is called Coin Collecter in refrence to Mario's coins. Also, in other versions, "The Man of Gold" rank is a refrence to Lumas, golden 'men'.

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