¼ and ♫: Legends of The Forest
QMLoF Coverart
The Cover art.
Developer(s) USOFTlogo NEW
Publisher(s) USOFTlogo NEW
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Release Date(s)
Usa-flags May 12, 1998

Usa-flags Sep. 16, 2000 (Player's Choice)

Usa-flags Sep. 15, 2011 (VC)

Usa-flags Oct. 6, 2011 (3D Classics)

Age Rating(s)
ERating(Player's Choice)

E10+Rating (VC)

Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Game Boy Color Cartridge, Rumble Pack
¼ and ♫ (Full title ¼ and ♫: Legends of the Forest) is the first game in the ¼ and ♫ series. It was originally developed by uSoft but development passed on to the then starting Dreams Inc..


Long ago, in a mystical land happily lived the last remaining tribe of Forest Hounds. The leader of the group, Caktical, thought leadership over the forest hounds wasn't enough. He contacted the Moricans, a group of wolves from the Outside Dunes, who have been wanting to own the Endless Forest since the dawn of time. They agreed to make him leader in exchange for the territory. Caktical saved his power up, and casted Call of Thunder on the entire village. Alone, farther from his home, a young forest hound named Sakaru heard a sonic boom. He looked back, on his little hill, over the treetops to a ruined village of his...saddened by the death of his race, he was set on finding out the true culprit of the catastrophe, he eventually found out it was Caktical, who wanted to erase him too to eliminate any sign of the Forest Hounds' existence apart from himself, and thus Sakaru ran away....Now Sakaru is older and he's set on avenging his tribe with the help of a special wisp from the forest.


In the game the player takes the form of a wisp that can fly around the environment freely, but can't attack or be attacked, what you must do is use yourself to guide Sakaru and help him out such as telling him which enemies to attack, hitting switches, opening doors, etc.

Later on you'll get the ability to switch between Sakaru and other playable characters, this is important since they all have different skills and abilities, which can all be upgraded in different ways using the "Upgrade Tree", which is a tree that branches off into different upgrade branches depending on how you spend your EXP.

My Bush

Sakaru has a home, which starts out as a small bush, but as you go along the game it'll get bigger and bigger, even though he still calls it a bush, you can customize this room with special items and more by finding them scattered across the game, this mode is similar to Tamagotchi games, you can also invite in-game characters into your bush and if they like it you can rise your "Style Gauge".

Style Gauge

You have a Style Gauge, it rises and lowers throughout the game depending on your actions, if you do stylish combos you can rise it, but if you take too much damage in a row without getting hits in it will lower, it can also lower if you interact rudly towards NPCs and rises if you interact nicely with them, this allows you to become popular and meet with famous NPCs, if you interact nicely towards them your Style Gauge will rise.

The Style Gauge is an important factor in-game, as it affects how NPCs treat you, the price of the items in shops, and more.


Image Name Description Main Attack Other Attack(s) Special Attack
Sakaru ¼M Sakaru Sakaru is the the only other alive Forest Hound than Caktical, right? Or does this canine's friend also still in the game? Bite Claw, Silent Whip, Taunt Raged Bite
Cackital ¼M Caktical Caktical is the mst evil-hearted Forest Hound of all. Killing all (?) of his kind excluding himself, he led the Moricans to take the land in excage for power. Morican Strike Jaw Snap, Swipe, Taunt, Silent Treatment Call of Thunder
Malise ¼M Malise Sakaru's playmate. She too excaped the wrath of Caktical. After a while, she found Sakaru, who let her help fight for their ancester's land. Claws of Furry Judge of All, Dodge, Taunt, Batter Furry Inferno
Ollinore Olline is the first Forest Hound to discover this land. Her sprirt helps Sakaru and Malise on their quest. She helps Sakaru every once in a while if he needs it badly. Sprted Swipe Claw, Taunt Spirt's Rage
NA You! Using the camera, you can take a picture and paste it on trees and Sakura! NA NA NA

Tribal Coins

Sign Acient Tribal Meaning
¼ Adventure
Little One

Tribal Coins are used to buy upgrades to attacks. Like 2 ♫ Coins can unlock speedier attacks, ect.


Image Name Description Main Attack Other Attack(s) Special Attack
Forest Snake Forest Snakes are common in the Endless Forest, but can Sakaru defeat one? Venom Bite, Taunt Venom Rain
Forest Rat Forest Rats are nasty and carry disease. If you can, avoid them. Bite Claw, Maul, Taunt Evil Chomp
Bluewmanoid Blob The Real form of a Bluewmanoid is a Bleuwmaniod blob. Blop Blipper, Blapper, Taunt Blobber
Bluewmanoid Baddie The ever-changing Bleuwmanoid can be a theft-like ninja, too! Karate Slap Kick, Punch, Unbove Pounce, Taunt Punch of Doom
Bluewmanoid Bird Be it a eagle, hawk or vulture, the mysteroius bird Bluew has alot of punch to pack. Nose Dip-Drop! Peck, Claw, Swing, Taunt Random BreathPower
Bleuwmanoid Budd Flowers are not allways harmless. Remember Mario? And the fire flower? C'mon, remember! Venus Fire Shot Kick, Swalloe, Taunt Fire Tornado
Bleuwmanoid Brain A genuis can always turn on you, or himself. Especialy if he is a Bleuwmanoid. Friction Addiction Kick, Trapped!, Taunt Weather Machine Mania
Madevil King V The final enemy. Very very hard. I'm very sure. Don't laugh. Madevil Kick Call of the Vile, Taunt Servant and Army Vs. You

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