Developer(s) Luna Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Q3 2013
Single Player


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure

Puzzle Mystery

Media Included Wii Disc
Is an original game from Luna Studios. It was included in Luna studios' announcment in Fantendo World. It is now Luna Studios' first original game after it's short competition between another game, Fiddler's Fantasy


After Nova Rabbit was canceled, the game stepped in as the new original series that will be developed. It is set for development along with the other game Fiddle Fantasy on June 22, 2012.


The game's gameplay is mainly puzzle, it was originally a fighting game but was scrapped. Puzzles will be getting harder as you progress to the game. Other than solving puzzles, traveling is also a feature in the game. You can travel to 9 places in the game. There are only 10 playable characters in the game, each character has a unique ability that will be useful in some puzzles.


The story takes place in two branches that retain enemies, Ronacors and Nocturs. The two groups created a city called Soluna to make peace, until a source came that makes the Ronacors and the Nocturs find out how they became enemies. Because of a treasure called the Ra Key, a key that leads to eternal life. Again the two groups started a war and hunt for the clues that lead to key. 150 years passed and many died, retired and went missing, so the two groups stared building an academy in their respective towns, Solaria and Nocturia. At the Nocturia academy, Alice came in the academy to transfer. Little that she knows that the school hides secrets, together with her new found friends Lucky and Tabby. They set off to a quest that will change the two groups' rivalry. The three started to hide their identity as students of Nocturia academy and head for Soluna City for a train ride to Soloria. But when they meet Mr. Twinkle, a retired warrior from the Ronacor branch, they learned the Ronacors' history and got weapons to protect themselves and set off as exchange students from Watson in Solaria academy.


Playable Characters

Each character who is a student has a report card,

N/A shows that the student hasn't arrive in that semester or the report card hasn't been published.

Scale is 70-95





89-90(Very Good)


Image and Name Description Ability Report Card Unlocked when...



Alice is a new student in Nocturia Academy, she is friendly and tenacious. She soon finds out that her school is not what it seems. Alice wields the Moon Key, a key which was given to her by her grandmother, with it she can unlock secret passageways. rooms and clues in the school.

Year 1

1st Semester


2nd Semester


She is already unlocked.



Is a dog who came from the outskirts of Nocturia. He is smart and a very good listener. He was just an ordinary student until Alice changed his life, he joins forces with Alice to unlock the secrets of Nocturia Academy. Lucky can assemble pieces back together, he can also pass through a trap.

Year 1

1st Semester





Physical Education-84

2nd Semester


He is already unlocked.



Looks dumb but stylish, that's what people describe Tabby, a rich feline with a heart for fashion. Tabby is not how she seems, she's actually smart and cunning. Even smarter than Lucky. But is she smart enough to solve the school's mystery? Tabby can unlock locked common doors like a locked room. She can also sneak out of a teacher's sight.

Year 1

1st Semester





Physical Education-84

2nd Semester


She is already unlocked.

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